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Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Brett Property Story

When I started in real estate I had no idea how to get clients. So I started sending out post cards. Over the next 5 months I had no calls but I continued to send 200 a week out. One day a gentleman by the name of Larry called me.
He let me list a vacant lot in mesa. I listed my first property. I sold that property for nothing! I filled my agreement out wrong. I put in 3% instead of 6%, I had to pay the realtor. I sucked it up and didn’t make a dime on that deal.
Larry called me and wanted me to list his home for sale. This time I filled the paperwork out right! I sold that one and he was very happy with my service. I thought that was it for him.
A month later he called me and said he wanted to start investing. I sold him a home in phoenix and made great money (he did to).
He was a plumber by trade and was doing a pluming job in phoenix. He called me and said the owner wanted $70,000 for it and wondered if that was a good deal? I informed him I would need to look at it.
I went over and fell in love with it. I ask him if he would sell it to me and he did. He made a very good profit and so did I win win always. After buying I remodeled it and moved in it. The home was on Campbell/20th st before the real estate boom.
He bought a couple more from me. The moral of the story is I made over $200,000 on that one post card. That’s a great return!
Being patient and persistent in the real estate investment game will pay you big dividends in the end. Brett Young Valley Realty

Pepper Pike 4 Bed 2 1/2 bath $309,900

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