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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How I became an investor

How I became an investor
In the early 1980’s while I was still a kid, I got a job working the afternoon shift and went to college full time. I did that for almost 2 ½ years until I finished my degree. I really didn’t know if I was coming or going. Working full time and going to school left me a with little time to breath, let alone enjoy life.
One day, while out looking at a new place to live, I happened into a condo in Mesa. The asking price was $35,000. (This was in 1985-86). I did not like the area for me to live in, but thought it would make a great rental.
I called a friend and together we agreed to purchase that property and test the rental market. The rental market was strong and it turned out to be a great investment. So we quickly went out and purchased more properties. Nine to be exact! We financed the down payments and rehabs with money earned through weekend auctions.
One auction in Tucson stands out. This auction had few good buys until the next to the last item. A huge, I mean huge, printer came up and I bought it for $1,000. It cost $250 to ship it to Phoenix and I sold it for $2500. That’s money I stuck in a savings account to help me buy more properties.
Another auction I remember was a waste of time until an organ that was valued at $25,000 went up for bid. I had to unfortunately out bid a Minster for it, but I got it for $1500. I ran ads but could not sell it. Then a friend contacted the Organ Society president. (Yes, there actually is an Organ Society). She happened to be looking for an organ. I sold it
to her for $4,000!
This is just one example of how I have created opportunities. Opportunities only come if you work toward them. What I mean is…. DO BUSINESS!!
My company was created to do just that. Through Rooftop Investment I have set up a place for our investors to do business. We actually provide real estate investment opportunities. So our investors can jump right into business and earn while they learn without extensive classes or large amounts of money to join! Brett Young Valley Realty

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