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Friday, June 5, 2009

Is Gender an issue?

While it is true that women face gender specific obstacles pertaining to investing, women hold the power to be extremely successful.
Statistically females face greater financial challenges than men: they live longer, they generally earn less and typically are more conservative with there investments. Also, psychologically women can be their own worst enemy: lack of self confidence, fear and putting other’s priorities ahead of their own, keep many women from joining the ranks of the financially free. All these things may be true, but does this mean that women face a bleak financial future? NO! For the vary reasons women are not consider contenders in the fortune and fame game, are the same reasons women can and are succeeding in the world of real estate investing.
Living longer only gives women more opportunity to become wealthy. Starting with less money only means that it may take women a little longer. But because women live longer they have the time. Conservatism leads to more research, which leads to fewer costly mistakes and bigger payoffs in the end. Lack of self confidence is easily overcome by taking advice from the experts and beginning with baby steps. Fear is a universal issue, only foolish investors do not experience this. Fear is only a factor, if it leads to paralysis. Knowledge and support through investment clubs and literature is a great way to work through fear. Prioritizing a secure financial future is a “no brainier” even for the most co-dependant among us.
My experience is that there are plenty of successful women investors out there. In our group, RooftopInvestment/ACFVIPA, more than half the membership consists of women. In my opinion, women are under recognized for their contribution to our economy through thriving real estate investment businesses.
- Lori Young, Valley Realty

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