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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hedging your bet with this economy

This economy has given us an incredible opportunity! Home prices are as low as we have seen them in 40 years. And interest rate are equally low. This is a perfect time to invest. However, some areas are better than others. Rooftop investment has done the homework. We have a specific profitability matrix that all our areas and properties must go through before we will recommend them. This matrix has proven itself time and time again and is currently providing thousands of dollars in income and equity to our members.
Rooftop is recommending buys in parts of Ohio, Michigan and Arizona. Our members get only the cream of the crop. Real estate is a numbers game, so investors must go where the deal are.
Our philosophy is that investors do not have to be millionaires to invest. We find investment homes that are affordable, have very good rents and are in solid neighborhood.
Buying homes from $10K-20K is the best way to hedge your bet on this economy. Even if prices continue to drop, a 20% decease will only amount to $2k-$4k. It is our opinion that our recommended areas have hit the bottom. In fact many of these neighborhood are seeing improvement now. Remember, this economy will pass and money invested now will produce great future return.
Our product consistently doubles the equity. That means a $35,000 a home it will appraise for at least $70,000. This together with great cash flow puts our investors in strong strategic positions until things turn around. That is the basic theory behind hedging your bet.
I have 8 properties in Phoenix and with the market turn have seen my cash flow and equity evaporate. That is why I shifted my thinking. I have now invested in 24 low cost, cash flow investment homes in the Midwest. Now when this economy turns, I will be in a position to make a very large sum of money and have great cash flow in the meantime!
They are not making any new dirt and land in cities will be at a premium again. Buying homes in these areas will help insure a balanced and strong financial future.
Do not sit on your duff and let this opportunity pass you by. Set yourself up and hedge your bet. This will allow you to get rich and have financial freedom in the future.

Brett young
Valley Realty
Owner/ CEO Roof Top Investment
Real Estate Investment

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