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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Starting your own real estate business

I hear a lot of people that want to get in the real estate business. They go to all the seminars and get all these CD courses that cost $1,000's of dollars. They take the course home and some actually listen to it. A lot of the information is acqurate and very good. But you still have no property.
The only problem is getting the whole thing going. People think that real estate is a part time thing, but it isn't. Making great money at real estate takes a lot of work and time. Knowledge of Prices, rent, construction, property management, and areas are very important. You need to have knowledge of these things to or you could lose thousands of dollars.
Having the right training and resources can get you making great money right out of the shoot. I've done 450+ plus homes and have seen a lot of things in real estate. The main problem I see is cost and time. You have to get your home at the right price and that includes rehabbing! You also need to make sure it gets done in a reasonable time.
This is what I do and I don't charge you a fortune to learn the real estate game. I find the homes and get all the other things done while you relax. I also can train you to start your own real estate business. I can get your own business up and going quicker than you think.
What is a real estate business? Their are many parts Selling, Buying, construction, property management and knowing how to select the investment properties to know if it;s a great deal or not. Making money is easy if you have the right tools and learn the right way to do business.
Give me a look and you'lll find out unlike other experts I have a real estate-construction and property management companies that are active today. I've been very successful and want to share my ideas with you. Brett Young ValleyRealty

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