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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Two Bedroom homes cash cows?

Not many investors think of two bedroom homes being a great investments. There are a lot of empty Nester’s in today’s market(older families were the kids have grown up and left). There are also people looking to downsize their living area because of finances and kids just growing up.

I know our company purchased a two bedroom home for a client in Bedford Ohio and leased optioned it! We got $800 a month rent for it! Check out the home in this video.

These homes are less money and they cash flow great($450-$500 net per month). They are very easy to rent or lease option in the right areas. In the Cleveland area we can get one done for $30,000 to $35,000 purchased and rehabbed. These homes are in great neighborhoods and usually are in high demand.

So if you want to maximize you cash for investment properties, consider buying some 2 bedroom homes for your portfolio.

Remember to check out all your options in this ever changing real estate market. Everyone in the market for real estate have different needs. Filling those needs can make you a lot of money. Brett Young Rooftopprofitmax

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