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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Football and real estate

Football and real estate

If you are a football fan you either have a winning or losing team. You proably could wager a bet for your team if they were a winner. I doubt you'd bet if you had a losing team. I know people who do but their not very successful.

If you want to be or are a real estate investor you need a winning team on your side. Winning is everything in real estate. Having a team that will find the best real estate available is a must if you are investing your hard earned money. A lot of companies say they know investment real estate, but do they have a system?

Rooftopinvestment does just that we've created a system that looks at spreads, quality areas, rental rates, taxes, and of course our investors net cash flows. Our systems help ensure our investors have a 15%-18% rental returns. That is not counting the equity position just the rate of return on your rent.

The other part of a winning team is keeping your investment in budget. We have a 99% success rate on keeping our investors projects in budget. We've done over 100 properties in this area and 600+ all over the united states.

Keeping your investment in budget is a huge bonus. We use licensed and bonded contractors to rehab our projects. All our homes are inspected by us and our property management company.
In the Point of Sale areas all permits and city inspections are done. This ensures 2 things, that your home was inspected and permitted through the city.

We also turn on your utilities, help you with your insurance, and help you lower property taxes with our legal team. We also have a private property management team. We collect over $1,000,000 in gross rental receipts.. The other important factor, we do is market your property to ensure it gets rented or lease optioned quickly and stay that way.

Our marketing system is state of the art and we have a full staff of people to show and close the deal. We have a strict background and credit check on your potential tenant.

The last thing you need to remember is the maintenance of your property. This can be costly if your not with the right team behind you. Our team keeps your property maintained at a great price. Remember when you buy with our team your with 100's of other properties that we manage. This helps us get you the best prices for your repairs.

Having a winning team Rooftopinvestment on your side helps your investment to produce a more consistent monthly cash flow. Check out some of our homes at rooftopvideo Brett young Valley Realty

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What real estate market is the best?

What real estate market is best? To me, this is an easy question. I definitely favor the Cleveland Market. Rooftop make 15%-18% return for our clients on their rental income in Cleveland. Let's look at the information on the Cleveland Market and then you can compare your market with our pick.

In Euclid, we buy homes in the $22k range. With rehab the final cost on these homes run $45,000. (I attached a link to a Euclid home we finished last month Click here). These homes lease option or rent very quickly. This home rented before we completed it. The rent is $950 a month. With taxes,insurance and property management, our client net cash flows $575 per month or $6900 a year. That's a 15% return just on the rent. These homes are valued at around $70,000-$75,000, so they also have a great equity position also.

All Rooftopinvestment areas are very similar to the last example.

The Second thing you need to look at is the area and neighborhood. Your home can only stay rented if the area and neighborhoods are nice. I see a lot of cheap homes in awful areas that get rented, but after your first renter, it's hard to get new ones. Click here to see one of our neighborhoods.

The third thing your should consider would have to be the maintenance. For a cash flow property, this may be the most important issue you should address before buying. I've talked to many investors that bought investment homes and have no clue who will manage or maintain their property. You must have quality in order to get checks every month. Rooftop has a giant maintenance team that gives our clients very reasonable cost on their properties. All quotes have to come through our office to be reviewed before they can start work.

So when your looking at each market, look at the numbers and the future of your property. Remember, you need at least a 13% return on your property in this market to make it worth your while. That's why I moved 3200 miles to Cleveland, I believe that Cleveland offers the best deals. Brett Young Rooftopvideo

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