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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Checking out our neighborhoods

Every City has Great, Good, and Bad areas! Check out this video to get all your information on our great city.

This is the home I was standing in front of in the previous video In Euclid Ohio Great Neighborhood that commands $950-$1100 per month in rent and generates $600+ a month in net income.

Another Home in Euclid

Here is a home in West Cleveland This area commands $800+ in rents. They have great neighborhoods and rent quickly. The cash flow is $550-$600 a month.

This Video is on Cleveland Heights another great area in the Shaker-University height high school area. The rents are $950-$1100 and a net cash flow $600+ a month. Great area and quality tenants. Close to John Carrol College.

This Video is of Bedford Ohio Great neighborhood it demands $950 and up in rent. Great Area and Neighborhood Nets $600+ a month.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Thought this year

A Christmas thought this year.........

I really thought about not writing anything for Christmas but I'm flying high in an airplane and got enthused. This is not a anything about Real Estate it's just a story for Chrismas.

There are families together today and enjoying egg nog and opening gifts not thinking of anything bad. Wow don't you wish everyone was like that every day of the year? Why is that not the case?

Maybe after Christmas people should make a New Years resolution to get happier in 2012. Learning to be happier with where you are today effects your future plans and ambishions. Being in business, I understand that there are highs and lows in life, but if you really look at things you're probably doing ok.

I know I need to work on being happier, and I'm sure most everyone else does too. Make a decision or New Years resolution that you will do what you need to do to move forward with your dreams, but be happy and enjoy the moments while your getting your dreams fulfilled. Doing that will heighten your dreams and your plans will be more successful. It sure worked for me.

Challenges with your dreams is a time to learn, and to move forward. Christmas teaches us to be kind to other people, which is really a great thing to do all year long.

I am inspired by my brother. He was hit by a drunk driver in 2005 and is now confined to a wheelchair. I'm amazed how he still enjoys his life ,even with all that he has to endure; many trips to the doctor and hospital. He still trys to keep everything in prospective, and enjoy's everyday he has with his family.

The lady that hit him obviously was not a happy person. Her dreams are over and really so are my brothers'. Her unhappiness effected not only her, but my whole family, especially my brother's wife, son and daughter. My brother was a cop. his dream job. The woman who changed my brother's dreams forever is spending 15 years behind bars, all because she didn't have dreams and enjoy her journey through life. Her unhappiness didn't just effect her, it effected others.

So after Christmas make a New Years Resolution to go after your dreams and ambitions, but make sure you enjoy every minute of the journey. Make everyday Friday! Life is Short as Caribou Coffee says. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I'll get back to Real Estate next week.

Brett Young -

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cleveland in this Economy

The city of Cleveland in Ohio is one of the most populated counties of the state. The city has always enjoyed the reputation of being a great place to live in since it has a good infrastructure in terms of education, health facilities and employment. The region has a diverse economy spanning over a population of almost 3,253,000

I was talking to a broker in Phoenix Arizona this week that ask me about Cleveland's economy? I then realized I had not written an article on the economy in this area.

The area is loaded with industry and great companies. The first one we will mention is Progressive Insurance, they have their main corporate head quarters in this area. They employ thousands of people in this area.

Another big employer is Cleveland Clinic, in thier main campus they have their own police force and private air strip. Princes and other big people have their privacy protected in this private airport. In fact they are doing a $400 million addition to their faculty. They have many other campus's around this area. They Employ Thousands of professionals and are world renowned.

Another big hospital is University Hospital they just built a very large campus near Beachwood which is a suburb of Cleveland. They also have many other campus's around the city. They to emply thousands of professionals.

Their is also a large Ford plant here, they build the Ford Taurus there. They are also going to add over 600 new jobs after their addition is completed. They will be building transmissions for a new line of vehicles they are coming out with the new addition.

Cleveland also has a large steel plant that is adding over 650 jobs to it's employment. Solon another suburb has a large Stoffer's Frozen food plant that employs a lot of people. Other industries to mention is Nestles, Cargill, Alcoa, Hyundai parts plant, two large Cheese Factories, and great shopping.

The area boosts 25 Universities and Colleges including Case University, Kent State, Akron, Cleveland State, and John Carroll to name a few. They to area great employer to the area.

I sure I've missed quite a few other employers in Cleveland Ohio. The great thing to know is that unemployment rate is at 8.5% in November 2011, the national average in November nationally was 9.6%, so jobs are coming to Cleveland area.

With the new look of this city and the great boost in the economy makes Cleveland a great place to work and live in! Brett Young

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Look at these updated homes

We are doing dome great cash flow homes and I wanted to share some of the homes we are currently doing. Also remember we have that 6 months free Property Management if you purchase a home this month. Click here to see the Cash Flow Credit.

These homes will net cash flow $600+ a month in income. That's a 14%-16% return on your rental income. It does not include your equity in the property.

We specialize in finding the highest quality properties for our investors portfolio.

Check out these fresh update videos

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Shopping

A lot of investors seem to take off the holidays from investing. That probably is not a great Idea. The less buyers the better the buys.

I have personally been investing for 26 years and know that during the holidays there are some really great buys. You have a much better chance of getting these properties during the holidays. I personally made $75,000 in one December, because I was still looking for the best deals. Real Estate investing isn't an 11 month event, it is a 12 month event.

Think of real estate investing like you do with after Christmas Sales. That time of year is always more affordable than the rest of year and during the Christmas Season.

Real Estate today is really affordable because the banks do not want to lend to investors. Some people think that is a negative, when really it is a positive. Remember you can use your IRA to invest in real estate also.

With the way the stock market goes during the Holidays (up) you may want to cash your IRA in a Self Directed Ira. This allows you to purchase Http:// real estate through your IRA without penalty. make 13%-21% for our investors in yearly net rental income.

For a $40k-$55K investment we can generate you $500-$1100 per month in net income( after insurance,taxes, and property management). That's $6,000-$13,100 per year income to your IRA. That's what I call getting to retirement earlier!

So when your going to the mall or Holiday Party don't forget the great buys investment real estate deals you can get in December. Our gift to you is a great Cash Flow Credit Special. This will help maximize your net profit for the first 6 months of next year Click here to view it. Brett Young Valley Realty

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