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Monday, March 26, 2012

Killing the real estate investor

There seem to be a lot so called real estate experts in this market. I see constant ads with experts saying that they can show you how to buy wholesale real estate. What they don't say and do can kill you as an investor

I had a investor fly in from San Francisco this week and he had been looking at different markets to invest in. He had told me that everyone he had talked to had gave him a great sales pitch.

The so called expert would then get into the details of cash flow, worth etc. that's when he said the conversations would allows go south. In most cases the so called expert would touch on the details and go right back into a sales pitch. The investor was really getting discouraged until he called and got detailed numbers and the systems to make sure those numbers happened. The investor was an investment banker and understands numbers and systems that need to be in place to be successful.

He ended up purchasing a great property and we are currently getting it in escrow.

I also got a call from some foreign investors and they were having problems finding a good contractor. They had purchased 6 properties and did not have any system to get them rehabbed after that. These Investors got very excited on buying a investments properties, but failed to have a system in place to make sure the numbers work.

We met them and looked at their properties and are currently negating the contracts. We also have the property management system that will get there properties rented with quality tenants.

So don't get killed being an investor out there, do your research and make sure that you have all your bases covered before you invest your hard earned money on the wrong real estate expert. Making money in real estate is not hard with the right system in place. Brett Young Valley Realty

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cleveland poised for economic recovery

Cleveland poised for economic recovery

Cleveland Ohio area is a great place to live and raise families in fact they rank fifth in overall educational systems. The Cleveland Ohio area offers many different venues and has many different industries that help make this a great place to live.
Let's start with entertainment, Cleveland has a great theater district in the downtown area near Cleveland State University. It has one theater and two symphonies under one roof with spectacular stage presence. You can go and enjoy plays or symphonies any weekend of the year.

Cleveland also boasts a great employment pool, in fact unemployment in the Ohio area is 7.7%, which is below the national average of 8.3%. The reason for the turnaround is the affordability for employers to get into the Ohio market. Real estate is very affordable for big and medium corporations and they are taking notice of the Cleveland Ohio area for areas that help their bottom line .

Ohio boast many great employers already here some being, Cleveland clinic with many different campuses around the Cleveland area, University hospital which also just built a state-of-the-art cancer center, Stouffer frozen foods, Ford motors, Cargill, Morton salt, Cleveland State and 24 other universities in the local area, and Progressive Insurance has their corporate a quarters and Mayfield Ohio a suburb of Cleveland.

During the spring, summer, fall and winter months there are many different festivals and activities to do. Just to go over a few rock 'n roll Hall of Fame, Lake Erie and the many beaches, snow skiing, great shopping, and very unique eateries that have all different kind of ethnic foods.

So you can see with all this going for it Cleveland Ohio is a great place to buy investment real estate. Rooftopinvestment has a great system for you to tap into this very profitable real estate cash flow market. We've already bought over 130 homes and understand the best places for our clients to make the best money. One example we just closed a duplex deal in Lakewood Ohio that our client will make over $800 a month in net cash flow.

We have many other examples and many types of real estate to choose from. So when you're thinking about buying investment real estate then please look at the Cleveland Ohio area for the best buys in the highest quality real estate available in today's market. We have a total turn key package that makes our investors one of the most profitable ones in the industry. Brett young

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

High Voltage cash flow system

Want to put your investment portfolio in high-voltage massive cash flow? Watch this video we have the best investment system on the planet to ensure not only that you get a great property, but we have a system that helps ensure your cash flow continue years to come.

There are a lot of companies out there that talk a good game, but we have all your investment tools under one roof. Imagine calling one number to take care of all your investment needs from top to bottom in real estate investment properties.

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