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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Northeast Ohio Startups

/PRNewswire/ -- Tech-based startups that receive early support from mentors, advisors and investors are showing themselves to be significant contributors to Northeast Ohio's economy, even early in their growth. In 2011, 121 young companies that benefited from business assistance and sometimes seed capital from JumpStart Inc. collectively generated more than $220 million in economic benefits for the region, according to an annual report from The Center for Economic Development at Cleveland State University's Levin College of Urban Affairs.  The 121 innovative businesses included in the report collectively increased Ohio state and local tax revenues by $12.3 million in 2011, more than covering the cost of both the technical assistance provided and the seed capital invested by JumpStart.
"Thanks to the commitment of public, private and philanthropic partners, organizations like JumpStart are able to provide free or low-cost resources to entrepreneurs that have the potential to go on to create wealth and opportunities for their communities," said entrepreneur and JumpStart Board Chair Doug Weintraub. "Now we're seeing some of the young companies we and our partners in the region were able to help at pivotal points in their development -- companies like digital marketer Knotice, regenerative therapies developer Juventas Therapeutics or water remediator ABSMaterials -- really start to take off and produce returns on the region's investment by attracting additional risk capital, generating revenues, paying taxes and creating new jobs."
Companies analyzed in the report helped create and retain 776 in-region direct jobs, with a total Northeast Ohio employment impact of more than 1,600 total jobs in 2011. "These largely IT, cleantech and healthcare companies need skilled talent, so the positions they create are generally very good-paying ones, in this case averaging a yearly salary of around $65,000," says Weintraub. Every new job created by these companies and their suppliers also generated new earnings for local households, increasing total household earnings in Greater Cleveland by $89 million in 2011.
JumpStart expects the impact some of these innovators have on the region's economy will increase as the companies continue to grow. Sixty-three companies included in this 2011 impact analysis also were surveyed in 2010. In one year, those companies increased their aggregated Northeast Ohio employment by 111, payroll by $8.7 million and expenditures by $20.6 million.
Data for the economic impact study was collected via a survey of a sampling of companies that received support to speed their growth from Cleveland-based nonprofit venture development organization JumpStart and/or the associated North Coast Angel Fund. The CSU report does not include the economic impact of all startups in the 21 counties of Northeast Ohio or even all of the companies to which JumpStart provides assistance, just those who responded to the survey, reported some Ohio employment, payroll or expenditures in 2011, and certified their responses. Weintraub adds, "This is a positive indication of the transformative role JumpStart, our partners and others tech-based economic development resources can continue to play in our region's economic transformation."
To read the entire 2011 Economic Impact of JumpStart Inc. Portfolio and Client Companies report, visit
JUMPSTART INC  JumpStart accelerates the successes of diverse entrepreneurs, their companies, and the ecosystems supporting them. JumpStart has provided intensive business assistance to more than 400 entrepreneurial clients and invested in 64 early stage Northeast Ohio companies. To learn more, visit or follow @JumpStartInc on Twitter.
SOURCE JumpStart Inc.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do you have a chance in real estate

Having a chance in real estate investing is really a great question. I was talking to an assistant from a large guru in real estate this week and he was trying to figure out a way to create an application so investors could press a button and presto instant access to real estate people who know investments.

Like lawyers there is good real estate investment advisors and bad ones and most of them are in the bag category. This gentleman basically was make an application for real estate leads to investors. I explained to him there is much more than being a licensed real estate agent to investing, and he started asking any questions about how me leads how many leads that convert etc. etc. Which I ended the conversation and went on with my busy day.

Investment real estate is not about the number of leads you get or how many people you can stack in a room to sell your product of how to's in real estate. It's about a system that helps ensure that the investor will have a successful and profitable real estate investment property.

When you're looking at investing in real estate and you want to have a chance the basic need is to buy a lot properties people can take care of you because they do not want to loos a large chunk of business. The basis of this basic need would be fear of losing your business. That's why set up rooftopinvestment is to take care of the basic need my clients are all with one construction company, property management company, maintenance company and a real estate company. This means that if one person is not happy with any of these companies services I simply change companies. That seems like a small thing until you explain how many homes we have that is over 160.

Property management alone that is over $90,000 per month in gross rents, so you can see that is a rather large number and revenue. This means that no matter if you buy one property or 13 properties(I have one client that has purchased that many) that you will be treated like you purchased 160 properties.
There are so many ways to make money in this business that the key ingredient in my opinion is to get with the right personnel and company to make sure your success in real estate is done.

So the good news is yes you have a great chance in real estate if you get with the right company. Buying CD courses and doing weekend but boot camps will get you some knowledge but if you want to make money than get with a company that has a proven track record in investment real estate.

You want to check out some of our homes go to we have a full disclosure site right there with videos on our investment homes. You can also check out our weekly special by clicking on the weekly special.

To wrap this blog post up I want also point out that Ohio had the second best drop in unemployment right behind California. There are a lot of people coming to the Cleveland area and that means they need to live somewhere. So don't wait till it's too late,  sales have doubled this year and the end may be near for the spectacular deals. Brett young Valley Realty

Story from USA TODAY
The Labor Department said that unemployment rates fell in only 14 states. That's fewer than the previous month, when rates fell in 37 states. Rates were unchanged in 18 states.
Nationally, the rate rose to 8.2% in May from 8.1% in April, the first increase in almost a year. Employers added only 69,000 jobs, the fewest in 12 months.
Still, 27 states added jobs in May. California gained the most, adding 33,900. Ohio was next with 19,600

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Suprising new Real Estate Investors

I spent some time this week with a couple of new potential clients and both of them are very interesting people with very different investment needs. As always I took my new potential clients on tour of cities that we do business in. I showed them the homes and duplexes that we are currently working on and have under contract. Unfortunately all the ones that were completed were occupied.

The first group is from spent most of their time in South America last two years and they were overly impressed with the quality real estate in the Cleveland area. They also were shocked at the abundance of quality amenities that the Cleveland area offered. The key was the prices and quality of the real estate cannot be matched anywhere else in the United States. That's a big statement to come from an investor of that stature. We had lunch over at Deegan’s in Lakewood Ohio and they enjoyed the sweet potato fries appetizer with cinnamon on it. Another great on of the amenities this area has to offer. I always and joy taking clients and potential clients out to show them the great abundance of quality real estate in the Cleveland, especially the ones that have purchased elsewhere in the states.

 Also was lucky and had a second couple come in this weekend from Connecticut and they have purchased in Texas, North Carolina, and a few other places including Phoenix Arizona. They to expressed how much nicer the real estate and returns or in the Cleveland area. The prices and returns especially caught their eye. They actually decided to purchase a home why they were here for the portfolio in Lakewood Ohio.

 I'm always very happy to show people the portfolio we have designed for our investors in the Rooftop system that creates a great foundation for cash flowing. Doing over $90,000 a month in rent receipts we understand what needs to be in our investors portfolio. Having in house property management shows our dedication to your success in Real estate investing. Rooftopinvestment has a system that get you 15% or better on your investment in net rent proceeds.

 There is no other place in America that I know of that has a quality real estate and the high returns that this area generates. Don't ask me ask my clients, who are very satisfied with the real estate that they get through Rooftopinvestment.

On each one of my new blog post I'm going to throw in a video in of one of the properties we are currently doing so you can vast variety of real estate investing our company offers. Brett young Valley Realty

 You can also check out our video updates on each property at Rooftopvideo.
975 Yellowstone Cleveland Heights Ohio
Stats: Rents for $1500 per month net cash flow 19%

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cleveland Ranks 26th for best places to live

The Cleveland Area has a lot to offer to business and investment real estate. It has all the amenities that any large city has.  Investment real estate is among the best of all the larger cities.  In fact The Economist ranked Cleveland 26th as the best place to live in the world.

With the smaller suburbs,quality schools,Lake Erie, Low crime rate makes Cleveland a highly desirable place to live and work.  Inventory on real estate has dropped by 50% and sales are brisk.  Rental returns are 15%-22% in the Cleveland area.

The best thing about the Cleveland market is it is still very affordable and there is a high demand for rental properties. Rents range from $850-$1450 a month for homes and $550-$1050 a month for duplex's.  THE DEMAND IS VERY HIGH!

We are finishing up a duplex in Lakewood Ohio 2029 Dowd  the property has been rented for 2 weeks @ $900 unit 2 and $675 Unit 1.  We usually rent out our properties before they are finished. Another home we just finished in Cleveland Heights Ohio 3321 Beechwood we rented for $1100 a month 3 weeks before it was done.  I do not count anything rented until we get a deposit from the tenant.  We also do an extensive credit check on each tenant. 

I could go on and on with properties with similar stories.  The great thing about Rooftopinvestment is the quality and affordability of our investment program.  I have also thrown in a couple of quick facts about Cleveland and a really great video.

Economy and Industry

Greater Cleveland is a world corporate center, consistently ranking among the top 10 cities in which Fortune 1000 companies maintain their corporate headquarters. These industrial giants include companies like Eaton, Rockwell Automation, Timken, Diebold, and Parker Hannifin, along with hundreds of growing, advanced manufacturers. NASA also maintains the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. The Cleveland region is the worldwide leader in plastics manufacturing, innovation and commercialization. Goodyear, PolyOne, Sherwin Williams, RPM International and Step2 are just a few of the global brands that call the Cleveland region home Cleveland Clinic &


 Cleveland's largest employer, the Cleveland Clinic, consistently ranks as the nation’s best cardiac care center. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation has the nation's largest hospital-based department of biomedical engineering. To capitalize on this strength, the State of Ohio invested $60 million into the Cleveland Clinic’s $250 million Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center (GCIC) to attract, incubate and accelerate cardiovascular related companies. Cleveland's research base for the biotechnology and biomedical industry has tripled in recent years, from $50 million to $150 million. More than 100 biotechnology firms are located in northeast Ohio, along with more than 100 research laboratories. BioEnterprise is a business formation, recruitment, and acceleration initiative designed to attract outside venture capital into the Cleveland region for biomedical start-up opportunities. In just 5 years, the organization has generated more than $500 million in new VC funding, making the Cleveland region stronger in VC recruitment than many states as a whole.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Car market and Real Estate?

People are always asking me when is the real estate market coming back? I always tell them to look at the automotive sales upswing. All the data I've collected in showing that the sales were really doing well, and it's a down market why is that? Why is that?

The reason why automotive sales are doing so well is because people can get loans on those vehicles. It's pretty simple if you have decent credit to go down get a new auto loan with a very minimal down payment. The great part is it only takes a few hours to know if you're going to get a loan on your new car. You can also have a trade-in, that may get you a zero down payment on your new vehicle. So people flock to the automotive industry to buy their new vehicles because they know they can. The other reason is it's quick and easy. No appraisals, no underwriters, and all your questions and forms are filled out right there.

In the investment real estate world there is a lot of people who want to buy investment real estate or retail real estate. In fact they have decent credit and they like owning their own home. The problem in real estate is getting a loan, it is very hard to do that sometimes. Imagine if you had to get an appraisal on your car and have an underwriter sign off on that appraisal. That would not be the end you still have to get a second appraisal and the lowest price would be the appraisal of that piece of property. Then you have to supply all your bank statements and financials to the loan industry to get those in underwriting. Hopefully they get to it before all those documents become obsolete and they need them updated because they've left them on their desk too long. If they find something that they don't like you have to write in endless explanations of why you did what you did. After all that you have to get a clean title and hopefully you get the best interest rate on that property. Imagine if you had to get loans on cars like this, would you do it? Would there market be doing as well as it is today?

The good news is I believe that new loan specifications will be coming out by the end of this year, and it will be a lot easier to buy property. So the ones that can get the real estate at these ridiculously low prices will prosper when they do change the loan requirements. That is why I like staying with the most affordable type of investment real estate on the planet. I also want to be over 15% on my net rental returns and highly desirable areas to live in.

So buying today at these low prices will make it easier for me and my investors to make substantial profit in the near future. Buying today in my opinion is a great time to buy because of the low prices. All these properties can do is go up in price and help you build your retirement nest egg so you can live a great retirement and life. Check out the properties we are currently doing at Rooftopvideo. Brett young Valley Realty

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