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Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Shopping in Cleveland Heights

The City of South Euclid (connects with Cleveland Heights) is building a 325,000 Square foot shopping area.  The area will cost approx $45 million dollars. This shopping complex will also employ 400 full time people and create 12 million dollars in payroll.

The reason I mention this complex is because we buy a lot of real estate in this area.  Cleveland Heights rents average $950 and up for homes and $675-$950 for duplex's.  This area generates 15%+ returns on rental income.  This is a very quality neighborhood and a great place to invest.

Another popular attraction is the Rockefeller  Mansion Restaurant and Museum.  This home was built in the early 1900's and cost $750,000 to build at that time. The average price per dish is $40.

These are the type of areas that we invest in and they rent very easy.  Cleveland heights has Homes from 1300 sf to 15,000 sf.  They also have a great school system making the area desirable for families to live and work at.

We have several other cities we invest in that all have similar traits.  Ohio is a growing area and the future looks bright for both economic and quality jobs.  That means as a real estate investors are starting to target the Cleveland area.  Our sales are up and every home we get gets sold very quickly.

With the returns and the quality of real estate that exists in this market you need to get real estate in your portfolio before prices start heading north.  With the elections and the talk about banks easying up lending, this is what makes markets boom.

 Look at the car industry.  It is very easy to go to a dealership and get a loan for a new car.  That is why car sales are up and jobs are being created in that market.

So get investing before it's too late and look at the 36th biggest Mall in America just minutes from Cleveland!  Look at the slide show below. Brett Young

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