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Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Storefronts and Drilling

Northern Ohio is boasting of new industries and storefronts that will skyrocket this area in both jobs( high-paying) and places to spend that money. Every area has to have jobs in order to create storefronts for people to spend money in. So this week I will get some more industry that is coming into the Cleveland area and some new storefronts that are being built because of the forecast of new jobs in the Cleveland area.

 BP energy company has just announced that they will be drilling for natural gas in the Cleveland area. This is supposed to create over 4000 jobs and Cleveland area has some of the biggest natural gas reserves in the world. 15.7 trillion cubic feet to be exact. Energy is always a  great paying industry for this area for years to come. Natural Gas is one of the energies of the future and the Cleveland area has plenty of. My cousin Tina and Chris live in Perry Ohio and have a gas well on their land. They not only get free natural gas to Energizer their home but even get a little bit of money every month from the well. So natural gas is a very abundant energy and creates high-paying long-term employment. BP also set up a brand-new industry that will complement the ever-expanding base of employment in the Cleveland Ohio area.

One of the new storefronts coming to Cleveland Ohio area is in South Euclid Ohio close to Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights Ohio. Walmart we building a 117,000 ft.² supercenter in this area. This will complement the new 325,000 square-foot mall already being built this will generate $1.7 million in taxes for the city. It will also create 300 part-time and full-time employment opportunities. So with all this new employment and storefront come into Cleveland area real estate is in high demand in this area.

 Rooftopinvestment saw is coming four years ago and positioned our clients Real Estate portfolio to include these areas. These areas cash flow right now at over 15% or more. The quality of the neighborhoods is a huge factor and the great school systems in the area (Ohio ranks 5th in the nation for schools). Time is running short for you to get in on one of the best real estate opportunities in America and prices are still very affordable. So what you waiting for prices go up?

Check out some of those we've done on Also wanted to leave you with a video the week. This home is in Cleveland Heights Ohio were just finishing it up so please view it and enjoy it. This home will rent for $1100 per month when completed. The cost of this home was $52,000, that's purchase and rehab. Brett Young Valley Realty

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Understanding Cleveland Real Estate

Moody analytics has the Cleveland area as the most undervalued real estate in America. NAHB Housing Affordability always has Cleveland area in the top five to buy quality real estate.The Cleveland area boasts more Lakeshore than anywhere else in the United States, oh yeah I should mention that it also has more than any other metropolitan city in the world.  The economist ranks Cleveland the 26th best place to live in the world.

I've been telling my investors that for the last four years and we purchased over 170 properties in the Cleveland area. With all that-news prices will start edging up very soon in the Cleveland market. It is time to start purchasing your piece of the pie. With Lake Erie, the job market, and the growing news that Cleveland is the area to invest in the time is now the purchase here.

I moved here from Phoenix Arizona two years ago after we had been doing business here for the last two years. I was instantly surprised of how much the Cleveland area had to offer. The key to the amenities was the affordability of the very high quality real estate.

We have purchase some very beautiful homes in the Cleveland area, mostly the suburbs of Cleveland. They offer the fifth highest school system in the United States of American. They also offer smaller quaint cities that have very low crime rates in them. Great example is were I live, my town is 16,000 people and I can tell you there is rarely a traffic jam of any kind.

Don't be fooled though Cleveland has one the best highway systems in America and a International Airport. Also the shopping second to none in this area. You have the Beachwood area to shop in, Crocker Park in Westlake, and Aurora premium now let's has a full array of discount stores to buy in to mention a few. This area also has great golf courses here you may be watching the Bridgestone golf classic that is being played  here today. I personally play on the Aurora golf course and I can tell you is an absolute gorgeous course that you try and shoot good scores on ;)

I tell you this because we have a company that can get you right into one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. We have a whole array of services they can take care of everything for you. You have whether you live in San Diego, New York, Australia, Singapore, and yes even the Netherlands or any other country you can think of we can take care of your real estate needs. We boast a 15% or better return on our net rental proceeds. Our prices start at $45,000 – $85,000 for homes that now you 15% or better.

Be careful of the math of other companies that sell you real estate in this area. I noticed one that showed the gross income of their property in South Euclid. The gross income doesn't count it's the net income they make on the property. The Money that goes in your bank account!

So make sure you check out the numbers with us before you go anywhere else we have been doing this for 27 years and understand your investment real estate needs, and we are always in the hottest markets in the United States. Don't believe me check out this weeks ad at click here.

So enjoy your real estate investing and check out the best company in the fast-growing company in America for investment real estate. Look at some homes are doing now by clicking here. Brett Young
Valley Realty,

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