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Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Finished Grade A Investment Real Estate


This duplex is in a great area of Cleveland Heights. These units have been completely remodeled and are ready for great tenants. Updates include, fresh paint and new/refinished flooring throughout. Updated electrical throughout. It is a side by side 4 bedroom units. They have all the amenities. Great Location and Neighborhood! These units will rent for $900 ea side.  The returns will be double digit.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

The upswing continues to happen in Metro Cleveland Real Estate

We have a lot going on in the metro Cleveland real state market. There's a lot of good news Stories supporting that is actually happening.

Sherman Williams paint company for example is climbing to new heights according to the latest news. They are based in Brecksville Ohio (near downtown Cleveland) and on target or record sales and profit. In fact Sherman Williams sales will be around $10 billion Dollars this year in sales.

We only use Sherwin-Williams paint because they are a a Ohio company. They also have 3520 Neighboorhood paint stores.

Here's the full story from the website click here to view.

This only shows the demand for the real estate market in the Cleveland area. Investors need to remember that new home building has been an all-time low for the last seven years. This means there will be high demand for real state in the next 3 to 4 years.

I remember driving through the Phoenix Arizona area and noticing all the fencing around the new home-building. They just shut down and stop building new homes that was in 2007. Fast forward to 2013 Builders are starting to build new subdivisions again.

The same thing is happening in the Cleveland Metro area. Last year we rented an office in  Beechwood Ohio and the Building was only 47% occupied. Fast forward to Now the building is 97% full. This indicates that businesses are coming to the Cleveland Metro area .

Across the street from my office they're building brand-new luxury townhouses. They're also doing that around Lake Erie and the Lakewood Ohio area..

This indicates that the inventory is needed and that people are starting to want to own homes again.

So if you're real state investor start looking at the opportunities that are still in the Metro Cleveland Ohio area while they last. Brett Young CEO Rooftopinvestment


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