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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Finished Beauty

3941 Bluestone Cleveland Heights Ohio

This is a large 3BR 1BA single family home in Cleveland Heights Ohio. This home is being completely remodeled. Updates include fresh paint, new electrical plugs covers switches and fixtures, refinished/new flooring throughout. This home Features a NEW HEATER! NEW WINDOWS and a large WALK IN CLOSET! Too many updates to list!

This home is a great cash flow home and will get Double digit cash flow.  This is on a great street and we just started marketing it Friday.  It will be cash flowing shortly with our unique marketing plan.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Buying Real Estate can be difficult with today's market

Buying in this Investment Real Estate Market can be difficult if you don't have the right people on your team. does all the details needed for investors to be successful. 

As an investor were do you start to look?  There are a lot of investment realtors that know how to find the real estate.  That is just one little part of investing.  You still have to get the repairs taken care of and get and collect your income from your investment.  Lets don't forget about the marketing-maintenance-utilities-and little other details.

When we run the property management for our clients they are very happy with the results.  The management of your property is so important when you look at the long term effects. The property management take care of all the details so you don't have to.  As an investor you just want the income and consider what will be your next investment might be.

You also need to make sure that the area your purchasing in you can afford and what you can expect in the future.  For example are you buying it for a cash flow only?  You might want to sale the property in the future?  These are the things you need to consider before you purchase a property. This will help your achieve your end game on your property.

Also always use a Realtor and an escrow company or attorney to close all your real estate.  This protects you and you will know it is done right.  I see a lot of investors buying from individual wholesalers or property owners.  They sometimes want you to pay them for the property outside of escrow.  That is not a good idea at all.  Always have a Realtor and escrow company or attorney involved with all your transactions.  If the the seller isn't welling to do that then you probably have a bad deal.

The last thing I want to talk about is get all your cost upfront on your purchase.  My clients tell me what type of real estate they desire and we find it.  They have a budget for their property upfront before they purchase.  The rehab and purchase are all in front of them.  We also have the rental amount and what they can expect for income monthly. 99.9% of the time it stays in that budget.  This is sooooo important so you have enough money to finish and have a happy life.  It also helps protect your other investment money that you have to be used for just that other investments.

Wow I think I have most of it.  Remember buying Investment Real Estate doesn't have to be difficult if you have all the information provided for you. Brett Young CEO

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cleveland trying to get a lakefront cable-car system

Cleveland is really starting to make great use of their beautiful Lake Erie the lake that literally looks like an ocean.  Just north of that Lake is Canada.  This article talks about a a Ceo of Leandog software company heading up a plan to put Cable Cars that take you around Lake Erie and drops you off at certain destinations.  I'll quit talking and you can read the article and watch the video for yourself.

Cleveland software exec launches campaign for lakefront cable-car system spanning downtown

Click here to Read More from Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain Dealer 

Cleveland is really expanding and these are the type of ideas that are being thrown around to make a great city even better.

Here is another story showing that major shopping centers in the Cleveland are expanding: Beachwood Place is wanting to add 77,000 square feet to their existing mall that has Macy's-Saks 5th Ave-Norstroms and other great high end stores. This is yet another sign of the continued growth in the Cleveland area.  Beachwood is nestled about 15 minutes outside of Downtown Cleveland and is a great area to live in also.  

General Growth Properties, residents seek to put Beachwood Place rezoning on the fall ballot

By  Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain Dealer

By rezoning the property to permit shopping-center development and removing the deed restrictions, the mall owner hopes to make room for a 77,000-square-foot expansion, additional parking and three free-standing restaurants, one of them along Richmond.  Read More here

Why is this have anything to do with real estate investing? The economy and the amenities drive people (Future Tenants and Buyers)  to an area.  This spells only one thing, great new things for an area and great returns for people who invest in that area.  Brett Young CEO Rooftopinvestment





Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cleveland Downtown making national news

I found this story on 4th street in Cleveland were I took a client to dinner last week.  We went to a great restaurant.  We also went to the Greenhouse Tavern to grab a drink before dinner at La Strada a great place to catch different tasting dinners.  We then capped off the night at the House of Blues setting outside watching the pedestrians walk by.

It was a great night and 4th Street has a website for that area  I only mention this because this Metro area is really starting to take off and the amenities are being added to care for the new residents. Notice that you can also live there.

The New York times has a piece called

See Cutting-Edge Contemporary Art in Cleveland

This article points out the were to stay and things to so while you stay.  Again showing that Cleveland is turning into a very nice place to do business and a lot of it.  The article also states that "

"This Rust Belt city is transforming into a thriving art hub thanks to two stunning new museum openings and a growing number of galleries."

Want to read this article in full click here

Business's making record growth and profit  in the Metro Cleveland Market

Here is some great business news in Beechwood Ohio Eaton Corporation just recorded a 38% growth in sales to 5.6 billion dollars.  Their profits were also up making it another success for the Cleveland Metro area. has the a story written by John Funk, The Plain Dealer.  
Click here to view this story. 

Here is another company that exceeded 1 Billion dollars it's called PolyOne it makes speciality plastic parts and is located in Avon Lake in the Metro Cleveland area. This story is also written by John Funk, The Plain Dealer    
This company also has massive growth of 37% over the same time last year.  Click here to read this story in detail.

When your looking at real estate investing you always look at the local economy and the business moving in.  That means people will be moving here with great paying jobs.  There will be more growth in the area and everyone needs a place to live.  With more pressure on inventory that can mean only one thing,  Higher prices and higher demand! Investment Real Estate is still very affordable in this market what are you waiting for? Brett Young  

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