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Friday, September 20, 2013

New Weekly Ad: Exciting new area

4923 Wood Ave. Parma, OH 44134

Parma is a very nice community with great schools.  Parma has new Development that is really going to make this city even better than it already is.  Great shopping and amenities check out the new shopping area being built now Click here to read  .  They also have a great college in the area Click here to view Parma's College.  

So you can see why we are so excited about being in this area.  Their a lot of people moving and living in this area.  It is only about 20 min from the Cleveland downtown area.

1008 Sq Ft. 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath single family home in Parma.  This home features Newer Windows, Newer Roof, Hardwood Floors, Aluminum Siding, Central Air, Finished Rec Room in Basement, 100 Amp Electrical, 2 car detached garage.  

Property #’s Below:
Purchase Price ---------------------------------------------------- $47,000
Rehab Cost -------------------------------------------------------- $21,000
Total Cost including rehab and purchase --------------------- $68,000

After Expenses Positive Cash Flow
Rent ----------------------------------------------------------------- $975
Prop Management ------------------------------------------------- $97
Taxes $1829 annually --------------------------------------------- $154
Insurance ------------------------------------------------------------ $45
Positive Cash Flow ------------------------------------------------ $675
ROI ---------------------------------------------------------------------12.0%

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just Finished University Heights Beauty

Take a look at this home we just finished in University Heights Ohio.  This is a Flip Home and has all the bells and whistles to make it sale quickly.  We also have other great deals Call Brett 602-363-6551 to get going today.

This is a large 4BR 1.5BA single family home in University Heights Ohio. This home features a NEW GARAGE, and new driveway! This home will be completely remodeled! Updates to include NEW WINDOWS, new commercial grade cabinets and granite counter tops. Fresh paint, new electrical plugs covers switches and fixtures, new/refinished flooring throughout! Too many upgrades to list!

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home Prices Rising In Cleveland Heights

Yet another great sign of what is happening in the Cleveland Metro area.  Great news on the Cleveland Heights are that the average home sales price has increased to $99,003 in 2013 from $90,425 this time in 2012.  Rooftopinvestment searches out for these types of areas for our investors.

We invest heavily for our clients in the Cleveland Heights area. We saw this area 5 years ago as a great place to buy investment real estate in. If you want to read the whole story by  at

Rooftopinvestment finds these types of buys for our investors to purchase investment homes. Our team of realtors buy some of the cream of the crop properties. We also invest in 8 other very quality cities that we consider Grade A Area. We consider a Grade A area to get the higher rents in the Cleveland metro area.  Our areas get $950 and up for the monthly rent. We believe these rents attract the better tenants and gets our clients a longer term tenant.

As an investor you really need to have the total package team around you and your investment.  That means the life of your property.  Whatever that is for you it is so important to remember that you have years of maintenance and care of your cash flow property.  Having the right people watching and making sure your property is being cared for is as important as getting the right home in the right area for the right price.

There are so many realtors and investment companies that claim to get you the best deals. It might be a great deal but are they there for you in the future after they make their money in commissions and whatever other income they get from your hard earned money? When your looking at any investment property consider the future maintenance cost. Asking your investment advisor what type of history their company has for maintenance cost is very important for your total bottom line.

We manage 240+ quality cash flow properties with a 3% vacancy rate.  We also have a great property management team that keeps your tenants happy and paying rent.  We also have a state of the art marketing team that keeps are properties filled with quality tenants. I should also mention our clients maintenance cost with our property management team is extremely low.

Also consider the net profit you make every month before you invest.  Make sure you have enough to cover any maintenance you have.  Almost all our properties net after insurance,taxes, and property management over $600 net per month.

I wanted to leave you with pictures of great festival I went to Saturday.  It really is great to live in the Cleveland Area. Brett Young CEO Rooftopinvestment

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cleveland Economy may get a boost from International Students

The the first time in recent memory out of the top three new freshmen students number 1 and 3 are international.  The college is Case University in Cleveland at University Circle.
  • 1. Beijing
  • 2. Cleveland
  • 3. Shanghai
It brings great new young talent to the Cleveland area and helps boost the economy. It will also bring the students parents and boost tourism.

Here is the full story from by Robert L. Smith, The Plain Dealer 

Cleveland's economy may get a boost as international students flock to CWRU Read More

Cleveland was never mentioned as a great place to live in the past.  Now with all the new business flocking to this area and the great Lake Erie that surrounds the area it has become a mecca place for investors to invest.

That is what makes investing exciting!  Watching this area and the growth and boundless opportunities that go with a growing untapped area.

A great example is the Lakefront area and what they are going to do with it.  They have non-stop development being done in the downtown lake front. For example the City of Cleveland are getting bids to start building new apartments,warehouses,offices,hotels and of course parks.  Here is a story from by Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain Dealer 

Five teams, from local developers to national players, express interest in Cleveland lakefront sites Read More

These are just a few more examples of great things that are happening in this area.

 People will continue to move into this area and all of them will need a place to live.  Housing is a very important part of a cities growth.  Cleveland Metro has the quality real estate and neighborhoods. 

Investors need a Investment Real Estate company that looks at the whole picture.  A lot of that picture is the local economy and the new business and growth in that local area. does just that for our investors.  We carefully strategize areas and understand what prices in each area should be.  Our licensed agents go and get those properties based on our study and history of each community.  We know what to pay for properties and our clients profit from that knowledge. 

Being with a Investment Company that understands the surrounding communities can only mean one thing more profit for our clients.

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