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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why of Life in the Cleveland Ohio Area

Here's a great tradition in Chagrin falls an city in the Cleveland Ohio Metro area.  They smash pumkins in the street and sleigh ride down them.  Another great way people enjoy the holiday's in the Cleveland area.

This is so important for investors to know about the areas and how people enjoy themselves.  I recently was driving an out of state investor around and he said he could not believe the things here to do.  This is just one example.

The video below is a home we just purchased that will rent for $1100-$1200 per month. Look at the space and quality of this property. Call Brett 602-363-6551 to get your investment real estate going today!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Updates on Investment Real Estate are Paramont

Buying a piece of Investment real estate outside your area can be very nerve racking.  That is why we do update videos for our international buyers and American Buyers.  Rooftopinvestment believes that investors should be informed on the process of their real estate construction.  Check out an video on a property we are doing in Lakewood Ohio.

Keeping you informed on each step of your transaction is what we do here.  We are one of the fastest growing Real Estate Investment companies in the world.  So please check out our website @ and watch this example video.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Northeast Ohio home sales in September up from year earlier


I have been investing and writing about this area for over 5 years and have noticed the upticks in the local cities real estate markets.  New commercial buildings are also being built at a rapid pace. I drove over to Fairlawn Ohio yesterday and saw many new retail stores being added to the already large amount of existing stores

A great example is a Grocery chain called Mustard Seed Market. Ohio's Largest Locally Owned   Natural Grocery Store.  Click here to view their website. They were building 2 new stores in that area. What I really like about this store is they have cooking classes and how to prepare foods for everything including a class on how to raise health children. Just another great example of the quality amenities in Northern Ohio.

Here are some stories that I found that proves that what I've been saying about the Cleveland area real estate market is happening.  Investors and buyers are coming to this area and seeing that Cleveland is not just about returns but is an extremely great place to live.

 Northeast Ohio home sales in September up from year earlier

 The seasonality of residential real estate in Northeast Ohio and higher mortgage rates in September slowed the local housing market from August, but did not change its overall direction for the year.

  The end of the prime summer selling season prompted Northeast Ohio home sales in September to dip almost 17% from August. However, the housing market continued its year-over-year climb toward recovery from the housing bust with a 13% increase to 33,699 units sold through September from 29,941 in last year's like period.

This story is from Click on the link to read the whole story by STAN BULLARD

  Proposed project would create residential, commercial space at Worthington Building

Yet another great project that will be opened in the Downtown.  The century old building will be a great addition to the already rapidly expanding downtown Cleveland area. The 33,000 square foot building will add residential real estate to the area.  

Development of century-old Warehouse District structure is reliant on tax credit

This story is from Click on the link to read the whole story by STAN BULLARD

This is yet another great sign of things to come.   

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Business in Downtown Cleveland

Heinen's to open new store in downtown Cleveland

Check out what people are saying about living in Cleveland. I went to golf yesterday in a great tournament which we WON! I can say that there is sooooo much to do in the Cleveland Ohio area.  Look at what students are saying!

Great place for people to live means a great place to invest.


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Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet The Vendors At Clevelands Westside Market

Fresh food and deserts await you at the Westside Market place. I have found a series that lets you meet the vendors.  Check out all the fine cuisine  from all over the world.  I personally shop there myself and love to get some of the freshest Veggies and healthy food at this market.  It is a very large selection of produce and has been in Cleveland for 100 years.

Check out the Vendors and why I like investing in the Cleveland Metro Area!  There is also great eateries and shopping around this Market Place.  So let's check out the Meeting the Vendors.  I hope your not hungry.

If you are a investor look at another great asset that brings people to this area to live and work!

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Understanding Real Estate Investing Part 2

There are always a lot of things to think about when your looking at a investment property.  This series of videos are to help you see some of the things I look at and how I see them.  So please take a look at this new video.  Helping real estate investors is all we do.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Is Downtown Cleveland!

Here is a great video Kelly found for me on the downtown area and how they are just kicking butt and making it a great place to live.  I know it is because I live here too.  Before you watch the video though I did talk to a couple last night at me cousin Gina's Birthday party.  The reason I mention them is because they were in there 20's and lived in the downtown area.

They explained to me that they rented a apartment and really enjoyed all the activities and amenities that were close by.  Also a new Grocery store and Brewery are being built near their location.  It was a refreshing conversation and very informative one also.  This couple was middle to upper middle income and really excited about living in the downtown area.

How does this apply to real estate investing? The downtown is a very important part of a metro area.  If the downtown is really set up well the property values start going up and the surrounding areas benefit from it.  Remember that people need to want to live in area to make it successful.  Check out this video and see why you may want to invest or live here also.

So please look at this video by
This is Downtown Cleveland.
Video produced by Fusion Filmworks
Song: Run Run by The Rival

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Devil is always in the Details in Real Estate Investing

I wanted you to see some of the detailed work we did on a home in Euclid Ohio.  This home took 5 weeks to get done and passed all city inspections this week.  We also have a qualified Tenant to rent this property for $1050 per month.  Again this is a certified double digit return property.  Click on the link below and see all the videos and pictures that were done during the construction of this home.

That's what we do for out clients the Details!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Understanding Real Estate Investing Part 1

I thought doing some videos that showed the work our company does would be a great series and educational also.  Before we watch the video though check out the article written in the New York Post about the Cleveland area. My wife and I were just at the West Side Market Saturday to get some grub for the week.  It is really an exceptional place to get a variety of different fresh produce and healthy meals.

Cleveland is seeing a revival by Jennifer Ceaser

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