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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy ThanksGiving To You

We here at Rooftop wishes you and your family a Happy Holiday!  Be safe and enjoy your Day!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Getting Projects Done on time and on Budget

At Rooftopinvestment we pride ourselves to making sure that our clients have the best properties in the neighborhoods we buy in.  To do that we have licensed Realtors assist our clients in finding the right properties.  We do not mark up the properties in anyway you pay what we get them for.  We purchase most of our real estate through the banks and other institutions. All properties are closed through escrow and have title insurance with them.  This is very important to have to know your property is secure and safe.  Remember the escrow companies are governed by banking rules and have strict guidelines they must follow.
 Rooftopinvestment does all the construction.  You will get a detailed quote along with pictures and video updates.  Check out Rooftopvideo for some properties we are currently doing.  We also backup all your information just in case you need it in the future. 

The construction budget is accurate 98.7% of the time.  We pride ourselves in making sure the client can plan for their future and build their portfolio.  We have a staff of over 100 that help us make sure that we have all our properties moving along at a good pace without effecting quality.

Check out the home below I was talking about.  It is a double digit return property.

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I enclosed a home we will have done in 2 weeks.  We just started it last week.  We have a detailed system that

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Convention center hotel in Cleveland

Cleveland is proposing a new hotel in the downtown convention center.  This will be great for the downtown area for business growth.  This will be part of a $350 million dollar plan to downtown development. The hotel will be 600-700 rooms that will cost $260 million.  The rest of the money will go to a bridge to the lake and a parking garage.

Click here to read the full story.  By By STAN BULLARD
10:58 am, November 21, 2013

I was at a cousins 50th birthday party last night and Jim explained to me how I had saw this city almost 7 years ago.  I had saw it as a hot bed for affordable high quality real estate. We have purchased 100's of homes in the Cleveland Metro area. We purchase our real estate in great areas like Parma Ohio the 32nd safest city in the United States.  Click here to read the story by 19 Action News.

My vision has always been consistent with the community and with my clients.  Get the best deals possible and have quality construction and maintenance to help ensure future profits for the lifetime of the home.  We just finished a duplex in Cleveland Heights that required a lot of remodeling including 2 new Steam Heaters.  We did all that in a budget and never exceeded that budget.

Keeping 98.7% of all our homes on budget allows you to be able to run your portfolio and be able to calculate future purchases with surety.  That to me is super important to have on your team. The maintenance is also low about 3% of the gross rent.  Again we have all the resources to make sure your maintenance stays low.

Our team consist of about 150 professionals in the construction and maintenance field. We all work together to help ensure a successful property for our client.

If your interested in building your real estate portfolio check us out.  You can also get a free information packet if your click below.  Brett Young

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Christmas Story House and Museum in Cleveland

Here is a Christmas Classic that was filmed in Cleveland Ohio.  The home that was in the film is a Museum that you can go through. It is in the West Cleveland Area and also has the original car that was in the movie.  Check out the video.

Located on Cleveland's near-west side in the Tremont neighborhood, "A Christmas Story" House has been completely restored to its movie splendor and is open year-round for public tours. The house is both a tribute to and replica of the Parker family's home in fictional Hohman, Indiana, based on writer and narrator Jean Shepherd's actual childhood home in Hammond, Indiana.

The neighborhood surrounding "A Christmas Story" House is also home to "A Christmas Story" House Museum and a gift shop featuring signature leg lamps and other great movie memorabilia.

For more information on "A Christmas Story" House and Museum, visit

As I've said before there is a lot to do and have fun in Cleveland Metro Area! I thought I would also throw in a home we just purchased in Parma Ohio!  This home is a great home and should rent for $1000+ per month!  Grade A neighborhood......Look at this home before we start construction!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Update Property Videos we do for our Clients

Here is a home that we are doing in Bedford Ohio.  Look at the details on one of the many weekly updates we send our clients.  We literally go through and show you weekly what type of work has been done that week.

One Holiday note: Bedford Ohio changes there name to Bedford Falls every Christmas.......wonder what movie they are talking about.  Of course "Its a wonderful Life".  On December 14th they temporally change the towns name.

Anyway check out this update video

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Snow Skying in Boston Mills near Cleveland

There is snow skying close to Cleveland about 30 minutes from downtown.  The area has 27 runs and you can get a lot of runs in.  Great place to keep your skying abilities in top gear.  Just another great part of Cleveland and the many amenities that are here to do.

The Boston Mills Open House is just days away from kicking of the 2013-2014 Winter Season at BMBW. This season we are excited to be celebrating our 50th year at Boston Mills Brandywine.

For more info and all the details related to Open House, check out

As a real estate investor it is important to know the different things you can do in the areas you are looking to invest in. People need to have things to do in each area you are looking at.

Ohio City in the midst of huge growth also. With the West Side Market and all the new bed and breakfast remodels in that area, it is becoming a quality attraction. The story below a Developer is building 200 plus apartments and townhouses.

 Their apartments will rent for $1400 a month 800 sf feet. The townhomes will probably start at $200k-$250K. This is all do to the downtown area and all the upgrades happening in that area.  In this story it also brags about being so close to everything you may not even need a car.  Check the full story out below.


. Developer Andrew Brickman plans 200-plus apartments, townhouses at Ohio City's edge 

  By Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain Dealer

 CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A real estate developer has assembled most of a 4-acre site at the edge of Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood, where offices, retail, townhouses and more than 200 apartments could replace a motley mix of industrial buildings and homes. Click here to read more

Having all this going on in a untapped area can mean only one thing buy Real Estate,  We've had a record year and see the trend heading upward.

  So don't wait to long to check out whats going on in the Northern Ohio Real Estate Market.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

The 9 To Bring A New Cosmopolitan Lifestyle To Downtown Cleveland

Here is a story from  .


It is called The 9.  It will have 105 luxury apartments, including one of 16 custom-designed Sky Suites with massive windows that provide panoramic views of downtown Cleveland. 
All residences will have access to The Metropolitan Hotel's guest services, including housekeeping, 24-hour room service and valet parking.

There will great views and many amenities that will be their for the new tenants. Among those amenities will be Azure Sky, downtown's largest rooftop bar and sun deck, an indoor dog park, plus a spa and fitness club. You'll also be able to rent a bike or charge the batteries on your Tesla, visit The 9's speakeasy or have a pastrami sandwich at the New York-style deli.

Yet another sign of the coming upscale properties Cleveland Ohio will have to offer.  I took some clients down to the XO steakhouse and had a supreme dinner!  Great places to eat all around the 9th street area.

Yet another sign of the great opportunities in the Cleveland Market.  Click below and get a Free Investment Report. Brett Young Rooftopinvestment CEO

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Undersatnding Real Estate Investing Part 3

I wanted to make a video on how I look at a property in the before construction phase.  The first part of this video was on the garage.  I am scraping and painting the garage which I did not mention in the video.  I also am adding a lawn package in the front of the home.  This home also has great wood floors that will be refinished.

Having the right construction team is super important especially in the areas we purchase in because of all the inspections that are needed for each property.  Everyone in these areas must be licensed and bonded with each individual city.  That includes the sub contractors also. Having done a couple hundred homes in these areas I can tell you they are very strict about having all your paperwork at each city and making sure you finalize your inspections.

A lot of investors don't understand all the different city requirements and permits needed to make sure everything is done properly. Let me give you an example of one.  In one city we deal with they want the contractor to come in and fill out all the paperwork and list all the sub contractors that will be working on that property.  Then the subs can go and get their permits and do the work.  In other cities the contractor pulls his permits and the subs pull theirs also.  The difference is the Contractor doesn't have to list the sub contractors in that city.

Wow sorry about that I know it can be confusing but that is what needs to be done before you start work in each individual property.  Check out this video and how I look at this property for rehab. Brett Young CEO Rooftopinvestment

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