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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just Finished Flip Property

We just finished this property in the University Heights Area.  This Single-Family Home located at 2551 Channing Road, University Heights OH sold on Feb 28, 2005. 2551 Channing Rd has 3 beds, 1 ½ bath, and approximately 1,539 square feet. The property has a lot size of 5,940 sqft and was built in 1941. The average listing price for similar homes for sale is $169,160 and the average sales price for similar recently sold homes is $178,845.

This home was rehabbed from top to bottom as you can see in the pictures below. The entire kitchen was ripped out and replace with new self-closing cabinets. Notice the 42 inch cabinets we installed. Also had stainless steel appliances delivered last night to give this kitchen a brand-new updated look. We also added granite countertops and
In the kitchen area. The flooring in the kitchen was also replaced with new tile.

The paint was done by an interior decorator and The paint was applied to the home exquisitely. The wood floors were done by a professional throughout each bedroom and room. Basement was also finished out to add more square footage and living space.

He also went through the bathrooms and rehab those were needed. To the bathrooms was so nice we left alone because of it's already detailed and look for the age of the home.

All the electrical and plumbing was meticulously going through repaired or replaced. The city also requires permits and plans if you're changing rooms. We turned in permits and blueprints to change the kitchen area.

Of course there's much much more work that was done to this house. Is what you have to do if you want to sell properties in this market. Holmes have to be completely rehab from top to bottom and sometimes that includes new windows throughout. In this home we already had the new windows in the home.

We also hired a very very good realtor in the area but knows the sales price and how to sell his property. That is very important when you go to sell property Make sure the realtor you're using is familiar with that area and has a resume in that area.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Gates Mills Mansion sells

Here's a great story from It's a mansion in Gates Mills Ohio. It was recently sold for $6.5 million to a unknown buyer. I'm sure people at this level like to be discreet about what they do and purchase.

This shows that the Cleveland market is really coming back in the cell proves it. This home is a 27,000 square-foot mansion that isn't very very nice area about 20 minutes out of Cleveland.

I only post the story to show you there are a lot a very very nice and expensive real estate in the Cleveland Metro area. In fact we just purchased a home not more than 5 miles from this home that we will be remodeling and flipping in the future.

As a real estate investor I always look for these type of homes selling in each area to see what the high-end buyers are buying. That is very important to see how the area is going overall because these people are the people that open up businesses and create jobs . That means more jobs and more people moving into the area to get the jobs we all know that means more people buying real estate.

So enjoy the video Home and know that the Cleveland market is expanding rapidly.


Monday, February 17, 2014

New Business in Cleveland Metro

In an attempt to change of my blog a little bit I will start sharing some stores with you on the businesses and what their doing in the Cleveland market. I believe as a real estate investor you need to understand this part of the market to be able to plan the future of your property or portfolio. Of also have a lot of clients asking A lot about this subject.

The first-Company I want to talk about is in Euclid Ohio.  Lincoln electric has been there for hundred years or more they just reported great earnings for the fourth quarter of 2013. Estimated per-share increases or 16%. They had net income of $88 million on $119 million in sales. I've given you a link to the story click here to read it.

Case Western University received $2.6 million from Robert Herbold chief operating officer of Microsoft during its big growth boom. The story has his opinion on the University having Great strength and emerging opportunities. You can click here to view the store in detail.

On the commercial real estate side a former brewery in Ohio city will be getting a redevelopment conversion to downtown lofts. This Project will cost approximately $20 million. This is moving Ohio city in the direction that they wanted to go. I read a story a while back they want everything in walking distance like New York City. In fact they don't want you to have to own car if you live in Ohio city the area wanta everything within walking distance.

So here yet again some more great stuff coming to  the Cleveland Metro area. These are sure signs of what we can look for in the future. As a real estate investor these are crucial items that will make sure your portfolio will go both stronger in equity and in rental income. More business means more people and less inventory. Brett Young CEO

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