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Cleveland Clinic names president

I found this story at http://www.wkyc.com/
Yet another new hospital is being built in Avon Lake Ohio.  That mens more white collar great paying jobs are coming in the Cleveland area.  This is a huge facility here is a snippet from this story.

"The five-story, 221,500-square-foot addition is estimated at $143 million and is scheduled to open in 2016."

This hospital will have 126 rooms that will have short term patients.  It is also another Cleveland Clinic hospital. This hospital will add to this community and to the area in general.  This area is already has a very hot real estate market. 

Visconsi details plans for 205 apartments in Little Italy, gets initial Landmarks Commission approval

Little Italy is such a great place to grab a bite eat at and is close to University Circle and Downtown Cleveland.  It is a area loaded with heritage and great places for people to walk to from their homes. 

This shows that the area is adding places to live and rent.  This is a huge sign for the future and how the population is growing.  The direction in all these areas are updating the housing and making it possible to live close to the amenities.  This does two things rents are usually higher in these units which effects all the overall prices in the surrounding areas.

Not only does it effect the rental rates it also effects the sales prices.  How does it do that? When areas get updated it tends to make the area more expensive to live in and less inventory to buy.  With Cleveland doing these types of upgrades everywhere near the downtown what do you think will happen to the surrounding areas.  Brett Young Rooftopinvestment.com

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