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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking at the flip market in 2014 and 2015

Wow exciting to see that flips are moving in this market today again. is primed and ready to attack this market and a very profitable way. You may not know but with the new budget the government just passed in the budget was a great first time homebuyers program where they have loosened the lending requirements for a buyer.

This is really good news from the medium priced homes this brings a whole new buyer to the market that will eat up a lot of the new and old inventory that's been there for a while. As inventory shrinks prices go up days on market goes down and for investor that is golden. Check out the story from CNN and then money click here to view that story.

With the rents rising there's much more favorable conditions for purchasing properties and with the government loosinge on the lending standards there will be a bigger selection of homes for the buyer to choose from. It's a great opportunity for you the investor, we are currently working on three new homes so if you have any questions or concerns and would like to get in to this program please call Brett @ 602-363-6551

Also check out this cool video at the bottom that goes over all the properties we did last year and the ones were doing this year and the ones we currently have on the market. 

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Look at the returns on other investments

I reading a new book and saw some interesting facts that I wanted to share with you from my research and knowledge of  Real Estate.

When your looking at investments to put your hard earned in money into is one thing but you also need the returns on your investment in order to have a nice nest egg and monthly income.

Bank the one year CD annual percentage rate is between .40% and 1.17% that's a minimum of $50,000 deposit. Did you ever do the numbers on how much you'll be getting on your monthly income for $50,000 at those ridiculously low interest rates? That's a whopping $48.75 a month you'll get for monthly income. That won't even buy you a fancy meal anywhere or even a night on the town at a movie theater. By the time you buy the popcorn and drinks your at $60.

You could go via the stock market also to invest your money. I'm sure that you can read all the P&L's and all the forecast in detail to figure out what stock is the best for your portfolio. You also have to figure out who's running your stocks and what they are charging to do that. They're probably thinking about the stock or mutual fund that will pay them the most commission and looking out for their own best interest. I've had stocks before and I've done good on some and bad on others. One thing that was not true was consistency and being able to pick the right ones most of the time.

In this new book I'm reading One of the interviews is with a guy that has over 100 billion in a hedge fund funds he operates. He does state that guys like him know what's going on before and has a leg up on other investors especially small ones. How does he do that he does it with his cash and the knowledge of each individual company that they are purchasing in detail. You don't think he gets calls daily on new investments?

That's why Real estate is so desirable the returns are very good in the monthly income is just one of the profit centers rules state has.  As we move into the better economy for real estate you can also see your equity increase on your investments. That is a very nice addition to the already profitable real estate investing. You can also get daily reports on new ones if you desire.

You can also see all the reports and control all the purchasing of buying for your investment. is a leading force for purchasing real estate in large volume or small volumes. So if you're buying properties one or two at a time or 50 at a time we can get you the properties that have both income and equity that you need to help your portfolio grow for years to come and create a very generous monthly income. After taxes, insurance, property management we usually average over $650 and up per month net on each individual property we purchased.

So if you want to figure out all the other ways to purchase stock and have profit in it then don't call But if you do want to make nice monthly income checks and have an excellent equity position with high quality Real Estate give Brett a call at 602-363-6551


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Friday, December 26, 2014

Real Estate Success Story

Here is yet another success story that was rented this week.  Christmas week is usually a slower part of the year but we continue to make sure that anyone wanting a property will get one.  A lot of companies shut down or really cut back hours during this time of the year.

We don't in fact we rented 10 properties this month.  I was talking to one of the biggest property management owners and he was telling me that December is a no rent month.  That does not compute with we market and assist the property management to get our clients property rented.

Making sure our clients have tenants is one of our best features! Brett Young


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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Housing Forecast in 2015 from Kiplinger

At the end of each year I like to read the trends and the forecast for the coming year to get a prospective of what may happen.  I look at many different stories and what I believe to be a solid source for this information.

One of those is Kiplinger they are pretty good about the markets and one of them is the real estate market.  In this story it points out that the home prices are going to increase 3.5% nationally.  To me that is great for two reasons 1. No bubble that will burst at 3.5% 2. More buyers with the Fed easying lending. 3. Better deals for medium and smaller investors. 

It also talks about an increase in 1st time home buyers.  The market really has missed these buyers and that also shows a great sign for recovery. The high end properties are still being bought in the Cleveland market and those clients tend to have the resources for those properties.  We just sold a clients property and a high end dentist purchased it.  His wife was already ripping out walls to enlarge the remodeled kitchen.  

So when your looking to build your portfolio check us out at  and check out this story below in full. Brett Young


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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas in Cleveland

This is an exciting time of year that people really look forward too.  A lot of people love the cities and what they have to offer.  Cleveland is no different it has a lot to offer during this season.

The Playhouse Square had the my favorite The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens who had dinner a few times in downtown Cleveland.  Also another music favorite  the Trans-Siberian Orchestra never saw them buy really enjoyed their music! They have a few more things to do in the play arena Click here to view 

The cities also get into the Merry Christmas and Holiday festivities Check out Strongville Ohio


- See more at:


- See more at:
They really like Christmas in Strongsville Ohio just 30 minutes outside Cleveland

Of Course lets not forget the Christmas Story Movie was taped in Cleveland Ohio and the homes are still there today. check out the Video Below

So as you can see Cleveland Ohio has a lot of history and Holiday Cheers that families enjoy and cherish every year.

Remember to build your portfolio were people want to live not were they have too.  Cleveland Metro is that area and one of the last frontiers in Investment Real Estate! Brett Young


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Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 Trend for real estate in Cleveland looks strong

I found this story at  this story talks about the growth trend in the Cleveland Ohio area. The one point I really liked was that housing prices increased from 2013 to 2014.  That shows that the local economy is recovering and that the inventory is shrinking.

I really like this market and because of the mixture of real estate you can ad to your portfolio.  As  I have mentioned before we do both flips and rentals.  We are selling the flips at a great return and get into the low days on market areas.  I do have one we finished last month and just put in escrow.  This property will net 20% to our investor after closing costs and the cost of the property.  It is in Lakewood Ohio.

We have also rented 8 properties this month for our clients and continue to market heavy to get traffic. Even with the light traffic who ever is looking in December is serious about renting.  So that is why we still go full bore in December to benefit our clients and keep the cash flowing. 

So with 2015 just around the corner think about starting it off right with Real Estate. Brett Young Click below to get this story in full.

Click here to view this story 


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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Rooftopinvestment Christmas Edition Magazine

Rooftopinvestment Christmas Edition Real Estate Investment Magazine!

We give our clients much more than just buying Real Estate


Few companies give their clients an experience on each property. does we actually update our clients weekly on the progress of their property through both videos and pictures. We also do before and after pictures on our properties to show our clients exactly what we did. Full disclosure and quality workmanship are the top priorities of our company.

Let me show you a few examples below that I sent out last week of properties that we are currently doing for clients. Having this kind information helps you to understand and learn the different facets of real estate investing.
We also keep all these videos and pictures backed up backed up for both yours and our Records. We also have before and after pictures ready for our clients when they need them. This is just one of the many things that we do different for our clients. Going the extra mile and understanding that you were not at your property all the time or you may be out-of-state or even our country. Having these kind of videos and pictures at your fingertips helps you to be both informed and are there for your use.

Buying your property and rehab just beginning with deleting edge to investment real estate. Brett Young





Real Estate Investment Success Story

At we really work all year around including December. A real staff continues to rent multiple homes are in the small one other companies take the month off we get all the quality tenants that are out there looking for properties.

Is a great example of a home in Lakewood Ohio that we just rented for client in California. This property is in Lakewood Ohio and rented for the top price that we quoted and is a double-digit return property. See the pictures below.
This particular client we also re rented one of his property that had been rented for 14 months this home was also rented out a top or eight in Lakewood Ohio. It is still a double-digit return property.
We also put two properties and escrow last week for our joint venture partners. Working this month makes our clients money. We also seen quite a bit of showings on the ones that are listed now. Also on the rental side we're getting a lot of showings on those also. 
This is what it takes when you want to make real money in real estate a partner that is willing to work not 11 months a year but 12 months A year. 
I've been doing real estate since 1985 and I know that in December there are still buyers and renters the new properties. we never stop working for our clients. Brett Young



Cleveland one of the Best Places to Travel in 2015



Here's a story about Cleveland be in one of the best places to visit in 2015. They mention a lot of different aspects of the city in the story at This story is by Kate Appleton.

I personally been to the Flying Fig in the story and is a unique and very good cuisine. A lot of the different restaurants in the downtown area have superstar chefs that put together you need menus there absolutely awesome.
The story also mentions the different types of buildings be in repurposed as living place. As I've said before the downtown is 95% occupied for leased properties. People like the downtown and what it has to offer. You have to remember there are a lot of new projects opening up in there still a 95% occupancy rate.
They also mentioned Ohio city The story which is very nice especially the Westside market which rivals any super sized fresh food market. There is every type of food you desire in the West side market. Example can get 2% milk or you can get milk straight from the dairy and butter that is chard or pasteurized. 
Having a vibrant downtown affects all the communities surrounding the downtown area. You see many examples of this throughout the United States. One example would be San Francisco City called there is a city right on the outskirts call Walnut Creek is just right outside of The downtown area. Condominiums in that area start at $600,000 per unit. That is the introductory price. This is what's going to happen to Cleveland and the surrounding areas.
There will be pressures on the inventory and pricing and people want to live near the downtown area. We're still inventory in the Cleveland metro area and getting the good ones is easier with Brett Young





Flip Deal: Hudson Ohio


Here is our first Flip ad we have ever had for a property.  This property is in Hudson Ohio on a great street.  Hudson Ohio has it all the amenities, great schools and more. I personally looked at it and really love that area.  This property has an awesome Starbucks near it. My Fav!
Kelly also commented on this property: I am also sending you an opportunity that Lori found this week.  This property is located in Hudson, OH; which is a high end southeast suburb of Cleveland.  The schools are very highly rated and it is an excellent community in which to flip in.  This property has had extended market time due to condition.  We would need to purchase at 100k in order to make it work but the seller may be ready to move on a cash offer.
The comps in the area are $225,000 to $240,000.  with construction and closing cost included selling it at $225,000 would net a projected $57,850.
Call Kelly 440-670-1842440-670-1842 or Lori 480-694-3735480-694-3735 to reserve this property.  Great Buy and Opportunity!

Downtown Cleveland is Maturing into a mecca city


Downtown Cleveland is Maturing into a mecca city

Knowing the downtown is maturing really puts pressure on pricing in the surrounding areas and downtown area which is already getting extremely expensive.
I was down at the Connor Theater on Sunday night to watch a Irish Christmas and I really enjoyed my night I visited a café that I have dinner there at and enjoyed extremely entertaining musical on stage at the condo theater. What I noticed down there was that all the restaurants were packed in fact I wanted to go to two other restaurants before I went to the café and they were already booked with no seating.
The Starbucks is also packed with people buying coffee and were getting ready for the show or shows there was also the Playhouse Square right next to the condo theater that was showing the Christmas story play. That particular movie was also taped and was Cleveland in the house still stands today as a Christmas story museum. The delivery guy in the movie that delivered the famous leg lamp still is there greeting people as they go through the museum.
Also in this video you will notice the coffee place called The Pour it has unique system of letting your coffee drip into a filter into your cup as you order it. It's more of a handmade type coffee so to speak. It was extremely tasty and I also enjoyed a cupcake next-door at a cupcake shop.
These are extremely important when you're investing in real estate and understanding that the downtown is the heartbeat of all the surrounding areas and the downtown must be vibrant. All this is true about the Cleveland Ohio downtown in the future looks even brighter as I continue to build build New amenities that are close by.
We were looking at the Cleveland  market before anyone else so take a look at us We saw this area before anybody else did six years ago and everything is coming true. Join us and build your portfolio with quality consistent real estate.Brett Young



Weekly Ad: Let us do the work for you


Check out the new video I just made.  A lot of information that you need to know about what we can do for you the investor.  Doing the traveling and handling the day to day things that need to be done on a property during construction it time consuming. Also we make sure it is rent or sale ready.  After 300+ homes in the Cleveland Metro area we know what we are doing.  Building investors portfolios is all we do.


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