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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Finished Investment Properties

Being a real estate investor can really be challenging sometimes an you want to make sure that all your properties have the best chance to be sold or rented.  Doing over 900 homes there are different issues that need to be addressed at each home.  Those issues must also include the budget.  That is the most important issue in every successful investment property transactions.

I talked to a investor yesterday that was so upside down on a property that she really did not know what to do with it.  She has purchased 2 other properties with and those are rented and making great money.  The one that wasn't she did not buy from us but from a company that looked at the future. I guess they had a crystal ball that went south for this investor.

There are enough great areas to purchase in at reasonable prices and good returns.  Buying in these areas creates wealth and income.  What do I mean by that? We buy in areas that have both equity and income.  These properties are properties that people want to live in.  These are areas that have all the amenities close so families can do all the things needed in life close by. So check out three homes I just completed below and see what you think.  Brett Young 


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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Real Estate Success Story

This Weeks property is in Bedford heights Ohio.  This property was already rented once and I wanted to share the pictures of the home after they moved out.  Other than a couple of spots on the walls in the living room and bedroom the place looked great.  In fact I met a potential tenant there and he and the family ended up renting it for $1100 per month. The new tenant loved the area so much he invited his family to approve it ASAP.  He knows these properties do not last long in this market. They appreciated the detail in the property and the colors of the interior. buys quality properties in quality areas that demand the higher rents.  This home is a great example of one that was lived in and re rented at the same price.  That is why it is so important to buy the right type of real estate for your portfolio.  Having a portfolio that is loaded with quality real estate builds in equity and is a great income source.

Take a look at the property below and see the great shape the tenants kept this home in.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hot Buy in Lakewood Ohio

I was talking to my associates and Kelly and she mentioned that there are some great properties to pick up in Lakewood Ohio.  The rental rates are exceptional and the homes are in great areas close to the downtown area. Here are some of the properties that we recently rented and sold in Lakewood.

1431 Hopkins Rented for $1250 a month    Click here to view

1472 Ridgewood Rented Duplex $1600 a Month   Click here to view

1548 Olivewood rented for $1250 a month  Click here to view

These are just a few properties that we have rented and you can see they do get top rents.

Lakewood is also a hot bed for flips let me go over a few that we have done there.

1612 Northland sold for $175,500  Click here to view

1589 Wynodotte Sold for $143,900  Click here to view

16304 Clifton Sold for $199,900  Click here to view

Also the median price of homes has went up over $20,000 since 2012.  Having this type of real estate in your portfolio makes your pocketbook and life a lot richer.  Call Brett 602-363-6551 to get your portfolio going!


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Monday, January 26, 2015

Garfield Building sells for $6 million

Here's yet another story by Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain Dealer   about a apartment conversion in Cleveland Ohio downtown area.  This project will also be a mixed zoned complex that will have both commercial and residents involved in this project.The project will cost approximately $40 million and they already have a lot of  demand for that project.

This project will be done December 2016. it is scheduled to start June of this year they already have an office tenant coming in and they are also working on a restaurant being installed in this project. Which as a tenant they will love all the amenities that are very close.

The apartment will be one and two bedroom units that will run between 607 ft.² and 1165 ft.². The rental range from $1095-$2220 per month putting them near the higher end of the top of the downtown market.

" On average, the one- and two-bedroom units will run from 607 to 1,165 square feet and will rent for $1,095 to $2,220 a month, putting them near the higher end - but not at the top - of the downtown market."

More positive news for the downtown area in the growing demand for people to live in that area. click here to view that story. 

This has ripple effects on the cities that are in the Cleveland metro area.  It will do two things beef up demand that will also beef up rental prices.  That will also put pressure on the rising prices on real estate in this area.  Which is still extremely affordable.

More people less inventory what doe that mean to investors? Brett Young

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Real Estate Income Streams that you can create

I've been buying and selling real estate for 30 years now and i have bought and sold over $85 million dollars in real estate transactions.  Learning all the ways to make money in real estate is a huge factor whether or not you become successful in real estate investing.

One great example of an income stream is learning the construction phase of real estate.  Why is this is this important to learn? Because a lot of what you make on the income property or even a flip depends on your knowledge of the construction of your property. Think about all the different aspects and cost of the property and the different ways to remodel Rentals and flips.

Great example of that is I have a contractor that does foundation walls when they're cracked or need to be replaced. Most realtors and investors run from this type of homes. But because of my knowledge of the construction and how to repair those types of situations my clients have prospered in both getting great deals and netting great profits with these types of properties. We are remodeling a house right now in the bay Village area that had a bad basement wall and we got that property at a very good price.  My knowledge of the price of new basement walls got us this property. The basement wall will be replaced at a reasonable price so we can still make a great profit.

There is an income stream most people do not have and I can tell I have done 5 properties like that. That income stream has got me over $1 million in properties and transactions. So you can see that as an income stream but you need to know and used to your advantage.

Let me give you another example of an income stream I use that is marketing rental properties for my clients and other property management companies. My Marketing is so superior that we get between $50-$150 more per month in rent with our unique marketing system. Knowing how to do that creates another income stream for me and my business in fact we made over $2000 this weekend in commissions. 

Those are just a few examples of the income streams that I can teach you in your real estate investment business. I am setting up a new way to learn the different types of income streams that you can create for yourself. Whether you're an investor or a realtor these are very crucial and important income streams that is generated me consistent six figures for the last 15 years. So check out the video below and get your income stream business portfolio generating more money for you. Or call Brett 602-363-6551

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing

Learning the secrets of the real estate income base in a small group with one of the leading investment advisers in America is priceless. 

You will learn how to do all the inns and outs of regular real state and how to create multiple income streams for your income business. 

After all that is all everyone in the market wants. Brett has created over $100 million in business during his real estate career. 

He’s going to start sharing and showing the different ways to make multiple income streams possible in your life with real estate investing and being a real estate agent.

Check out the Video below


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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lakewood Hospital Plans Transition to Family Health Center & ED

There is another new hospital that is going into the Lakewood Ohio area. This story comes from the 

The Lakewood hospital and the Lakewood hospital foundation have signed a letter of intent for $120 million investment in the Lakewood hospital which will modernize healthcare and deliver more long-term needs for the Lakewood community.

Here's a quote from the story

" Employees at Lakewood Hospital will be needed and hiring will continue to occur at Lakewood Hospital. In addition, Cleveland Clinic has capacity throughout its enterprise and it is the leadership’s goal to provide every Lakewood Hospital employee who wants a job with an opportunity in its health system or one of its partner organizations. Cleveland Clinic will work closely with its employees and help them transition into jobs throughout its health system at the appropriate time."

As you can see it talks about more hiring in the Lakewood Ohio area. As I have spoke in other blogs that I have done on Lakewood it is a landlocked city and no more building can be done. This will put more pressure on pricing in the Lakewood Ohio area which we've seen quite a bit a growth on that median home price from 2012 until now. So I see the trend going higher this year also.

There currently a few homes that we can purchase in the Lakewood Ohio area that I would highly recommend for that. Please call Brett at 602-363-6551 to get some excellent inventory for your portfolio. Brett Young


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Monday, January 19, 2015

Lakewood Real Estate On Pace For Another Solid Year

Here's a home sales report from the Lakewood Ohio area. It talks about last year sales in the inventory and also throws in the new medium price for homes in Lakewood Ohio.

 Home sales were up about 3.4% last year in the Lakewood Ohio area in the market time was steady at 91 days on the market.  Projected sales of homes were 458 units or more last year sales were 436 units and 2012 sales were 395 units.  So you can see the trend over the last two years the properties are moving faster and there's more of them moving which will decrease inventory. This is called putting pressure on pricing in the area because of the inventory or lack of inventory.

We also have to look at the median price of homes which of 2012 was $108,000. In 2013 it was $122,500 per unit in 2014 it will be at $129,500.  This shows that the price increases due to the lack of inventory is putting pressure on higher prices.

This shows what I have said all along people want to live in this area and they are paying to do so.  Also remember that there are $1,000,000+ dollar homes in this city and great amenities that a growing city has to have to attract new people.

The great thing about cities like Lakewood is they are land locked.  This means in order to build new homes or retail they have to demolish a building or home to do so.  Looking at the population in these areas is not the correct way to do so.  Being land locked can mean only one thing for this city the same population or more commercial building.  I think the commercial is the way they will go.  

We buy a lot of homes in this area and we have been for 5 years with huge success.  We buy both rentals and flips in this area.  Call Brett 602-363-6551 to reserve a property.


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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Huntington Banks Cleveland leader, Daniel Walsh, is leaving to launcha real estate company

This story in by  Michelle Jarboe McFee, The Plain Dealer particularly interesting to me because it is a bank president from a local bank in Cleveland. He's getting into the commercial real estate business in the Cleveland metro area.

The story talks about the new construction that is supported by the downtown resurgence and the right markets across the country that will generate rents to support the new construction. The president of a local bank is leaving his position and launching a private real estate investment and development company.

This presidents new private real estate investment and development company will focus on apartments and makes use projects.  There are a lot of mixed use projects going on in the Cleveland Metro area especially downtown in the Playhouse district. These are basically multi zoned buildings such as office Space, retail space, and residential living space or apartment space. The downtown residential rentals are 95% occupied!

The other option that I see for this president to leave the Huntington Bank as president is because of the future that he sees in the real estate market in the Cleveland area. The uptick in the real estate market in this area and the forecast he sees is everything in his decision to leave a very prestige's position. That's what is great about this story.

Anytime a financial institution loses a key player to go into real estate that person must know something about the coming economic factors that will increase the commercial real state in the metro Cleveland area.

He even mentions it in the story and I quote him below.

"I think that we're entering some new territory and, for the right circumstances, new construction is supportable," he added. "We are hopefully at that point, where that new reality is emerging, where well-executed multifamily projects downtown or in the right markets across the country will generate rents to support new construction."

Also the new president of Huntington Beach is also excited about the greater Cleveland area and even says this is a great place to do business.

" I'm excited to take on the opportunity to continue elevating Huntington's profile in Cleveland," she said in a news release. "This is a great place to do business."

So the future moves on in these type of people stepping down from these very prestigious jobs at financial institutions that do mortgages and other Financial vehicles for real state is an absolutely great sign for the coming future of the real estate market in the Cleveland Metro area. Call Brett 602-363-6551 I want to get your real estate portfolio going in the metro Cleveland area. Brett Young

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