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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hot Buy Rare Duplex in Parma

This Duplex is located in the heart of Parma.  We already did a home at on this street.  This Duplex is a great cash flow property.  It is on a large lot.  At $650 a month rent it will rented quickly


Approx Rehab___________________$35,000

Rental info

Monthly Rent___________________$ 1300(both Units)
Property Tax____________________$   206
Property Management____________$    150
Insurance______________________$      80

Net Profit______________________$864

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Raising Rents

I found this story at by Adam DeSanctis / 202-383-1178 / Email

It talks about the metropolitan areas that are seeing huge growth in the sales prices of residential Real Estate.  What I noticed in this story is that cities like New York had a 50.7% increase in rental rates since 2009.  That is a huge increase unless wages are seeing the same type of increases.  As I've mentioned before being a Real Estate Investor requires you to look at a lot of information in the market you are looking at.

When you see these types of increases that should tell you that these increases are not sustainable and you need to cushion your investment for the decreases in these types of markets. The higher rents in these areas also hurts your buyers because they cannot save for a down payment. Here is a clip from this story that talks about the higher cost areas.

“Many of the metro areas that have experienced the highest rent increases are popular to millennial buyers because of their employment opportunities,” adds Yun. “With a stronger economy and labor market, it’s critical to increase housing starts for entry-level buyers or else many will face affordability issues if their incomes aren’t compensating for the gains in home prices.”

The Cleveland Market has a nice steady increase of retail prices and rental rates.  The cost of living is still very reasonable here.  Whether you are living by the water or in a great Cleveland Suburb you can get a nice home.  For example we have a listing in Moreland Hills which is a upscale area that is for sale at $279,900 that's $82.27 per sq foot for a luxury home.  Click here to view this property

Here is a property in Bay Village Ohio this suburb is very close to Lake Erie.  This property is a mile from the Lake and close to all the amenities any home owner would want.  The property is over 3000 Sq feet and the cost is $285,000. Click here to view this property

The rents on these types of properties would run $2500-$3500 per month. In fact we had a property for sale in Hudson for $325,000.  Lori got a lease option offer on that property that the potential buyer was putting done $65,000.  That is a non refundable deposit and is put done for the option and taken off the sales price only if the potential buyer closes it.  Click here to view this property.

Having the right team around you to watch the numbers is important, but having the area that can make you steady growth in your portfolio is priceless. Brett Young 602-363-6551 Coldwell Banker

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Looking at a investment property is everything

Looking at any piece of real estate to purchase requires some knowledge and getting inside to preview it. That is all I have been doing for the last 30 years.  Looking at a property is only the beginning.

Knowing the cost of items is also a very important ingredient to making sure that you make money.  you can't always see all the cost but you can see the important cost of a property.

When I'm going through this home in the video some things I should have pointed that was going to save a lot of money was that the home had new windows in it.  That saves around $6,000 in construction.  You always want to have newer windows in a home when you are flipping it.  If you are just renting it then you may not need to have new windows.

Kitchen cabinets can get into a lot of money if you don't know how to but them.  My cost on cabinets are 1/2 of what the general public pays because I know where to buy them.

Rehab cost has to be in budget for the property. That is why we need to do a walk through and know what things cost.  Items that have to be considered are Flooring, Paint, Labor, Vanities, and materials.  That could run into a lot of money if you don't know the cost. That knowledge is very important to know when your looking at properties.

Check out the video and sign in below we are only going to have a few people we are going to take for these important classes.  If you want to know about investment real estate get in this class. We will have 3 dates to choose from.

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Weekly Ad: Lakewood Home great Investment Property

This property is in Lakewood Ohio and is a great cash flow property.  This home is close to downtown. Needs some work but will be a great asset to anyone's portfolio. Call Brett 602-363-6551 to reserve this property.  Lets look at the numbers:

Purchase Price______________________  $ 55,000
Approx Rehab______________________  $35,000

Total Price_________________________ $90,000

Projected Rent______________________$1150
Tax per month______________________$ 284
Insurance__________________________$  60
Property Management________________$  79


We can also get you in contact with an attorney to lower your taxes on this property.  With these already great returns getting the taxes lowered will only make it better.  

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just Sold Flip Property

This property is closing today.  We purchased the property at $60,000 and put $45,000 in it.  We sold it for $137,500.  This is a great double digit return property that sold in 60 days. That property was right in the heart of Lakewood.

The property description goes as follows:

    Gorgeous remodel in the heart of Lakewood. This home features four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. There is a brand new kitchen with maple cabinets, granite counters, tile floors and stainless appliances. The birch hardwood flooring with cherry in lays is stunning. The entire second floor is solid white oak. The family room is spacious and has a stone floor to ceiling fireplace. This home has brand new Anderson windows throughout. The remodeled second floor bath features a jetted tub and unique copper rimmed shower frame. The basement is partially finished and has glass block win...dows and a full bath! Enjoy the warm, even heat of a boiler system but central air in the summer. It is located on a spacious fenced in lot on a street with beautiful homes and several remodels in the works! Call Brett 602-363-6551 Coldwell Banker 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hot Buy Need to Know today

This property is located in Orange Ohio.  A smaller home on the same street sold for $239,000 in 8 days.  This property does need work but the numbers are great and so is the location.  This property I have looked at and the numbers go as follows

Purchase ____________________ $ 104,900

Rehab_______________________ $ 70,000-$80,000

Sales Price___________________  $225,000

Equity after rehab____________    $50,000

As you can see this property is very hot and we need to know quickly on this one please call me at 602-363-6551


New Flip Buy

This property is located in Bedford Heights Ohio.  It is a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath property.  Bedford Heights has an extremely strong residential sale market. This area has a 60 Days on Market Average. We will be putting an offer in on this property and we are offering it to our clients.  These properties are selling very fast so please call me 602-363-6551 if you want to purchase a great flip!  Look at the numbers

Asking Price------------------------------------$69,750

Sales Price-------------------------------------$135,000-$150,000

Net Equity after Rehab---------------------$40,000-$65,000

This property has a great equity position especially at this price point. This home also has great sized 

The Video below explains how our flip system works: 



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Monday, March 23, 2015

Being a Smart Investment

Having a dream or idea are great but making your dream or idea actually come to life takes some training and know how.  If setting up your own real estate business is one of your ideas or dreams then you need to keep reading this.

When I started in real estate I had no idea all the details and issues you can run into. When I started real estate I personally knew a little of what I was doing but not near enough.  I made mistakes that cost me a lot of profit and stress.

Today I have have been doing the real estate game through many different venues that create a lot business for me. Doing over 900+ homes and $85,000 Million in transactions has really helped me understand Investment Real Estate.

The first thing I needed to learn was how to look at real estate.  That can be confusing let me explain.  When you purchase, sale, renting or lease optioning you need to know important details to know what will maximize your profit.

Think about going out with a realtor or if you are already one that's great! If you look at properties without getting the right Realtor can be very dangerous.  I will talk about that later though.   Looking at any real estate deal requires a lot knowledge and understanding at what you are looking at.

Lets go over few things that need to be looked at.  One is the condition of the home and how much money it will take to get it to sales condition.   Your thinking that stuff is just for investors but it's not, if your are a Realtor this is great way to get listings.  Imagine being able to know what the cost of construction is and if it will benefit your potential client? That can make your client more money on their bottom line.  Let me give you an example.

A client that has purchased rental properties from me just called and decided that his cash flow property that had done great for the last three years.  He decided that he wanted remodel that property and sale it.

With my knowledge of construction and selling real estate he called me.  We ran the comps on that property and he decided that selling it was the best thing. I will start the property in late April or early may.  Having the knowledge of what construction costs got me that deal.

That's the income streams that I talked about.  That property I purchased for my client I has already Rehabbed and rented for commission and profit.  Now since he wants to sell it I will be remodeling it and sale it for a great profit and commission.  That great thing and more  important is my client will make a great profit also.

Having this information for your clients can really boost your bottom line. Don't need to wait years to learn it sign in below to get rolling today on your new career! Brett Young Coldwell Banker

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The 'Starbucks effect': Higher home prices

Values of Homes Closer to the Coffee Shop increased by 96% 

Here is a story from by Katie Lobosco that talks about the increase in home prices by Starbucks

Amendities are always important when you are looking at any real estate purchase. It seem that if your close to a Starbucks or even a Dunkin Dounuts your property value will do well. My take on this story is that people like to live near a place that they can go and do business and see friends. 

Having a Starbucks, Tims Coffee House or any other coffee place is what most people want.  Coffee Shoppes have taken over regular bars for places to go and hang out.  Especially with the new home business craze.  I used to do a lot of business in Starbucks.  They also have great internet services and a good starting place in the morning!

What my take on this story for real estate was how important the area to maximize your profit on real estate. Make sure that you buy Real Estate close to nice shopping and eateries.  My clients have these types of amenities in their properties. You areas people want to live in not ones that have too. 

The other great factor about the Cleveland Metro area is the affordablity that this area gives investors and buyers.  I personally love it because of the freedom from bills and the freedom to do what I want.  I was looking at a home last Thursday near Lake Erie that was $40 bucks a foot.  So when your looking at buying real estate in the United States for the best bang for your money then you need to look at this area.

The property that I looked at yesterday in Avon Lake 1 block from Lake Erie that was prices at $116,000.  It was a foreclosed that when finished will be worth in the low $200,000's. Call Brett 602-363-6551 to get your flip portfolio going in great areas.

There is a Starbucks near by : ).  Call Me if you are interested or need more information. 602-363-6551

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Changing your life style through real estate


Having a Real Estate license in two states, 52 websites, networking, construction, and dealing with clients all over the world I have learned a lot in how Real Estate can change your life and life style.

Knowing the different ingredients that can be mixed in a Real Estate Lifestyle is both fun and a lot of knowledge.  Dealing with the day to day ways you can make and see opportunities can only be done if you know what you are looking at.

Great example just today I was at a property that will be completed in a few weeks and saw two ladies that were talking next door.  So I went and told them that we would be listing the property soon and if they would like to preview the property I would love to show them. I gave them my card and one lady will be looking at it next week.  The other lady said that she would call me because she was looking for a Realtor.

When you come and attend my school you will learn all the ways that real estate can work for you.  You can do as little or as much as you want.  The great thing is your will have all the tools in your toolbox to make sure you don't miss any opportunities.

Knowing some of my success strategies can get you a whole new life style.  Knowing were to start and who to network with makes all the difference. Learning all the small details can make all the difference in getting deals and not getting deals.  Sigh in Below to get started  Classes will be starting soon!  Only 2 classes this year and only 4 per class.

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