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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Four tips to investing in any out-of-state markets

Investing in out-of-state markets can be tough without the right team in place. Understanding the crucial steps before you start help you make more money in the market you're looking at.

Step one: make sure you analyze the market and understand if it's a market that is making good money on investment real estate. I did this when I started looking at different areas besides Phoenix Arizona. picking the Cleveland Metro area with the downtown getting renovated and prices were going up in the downtown area was a great place to start. That helps Cleveland make money and both Cash flow real estate and flip real estate. Anytime you have a vibrant downtown housing prices go up. Look at the San Fransisco, Los Angeles,and New York.  Those have pricey real estate markets. Phoenix Arizona has the same thing going on now it was a great place to buy flip real estate. 

Step two: would be to build a team that helps you with the CPAs, Realtor's, Lawyers, and Construction. That is the kind of system set up for my clients and is needed to ensure success in any market. Make sure that you have a tried-and-true team that works and has a back up system that also works. I really like to communicate through videos and testimonials with my team that I work with. Have have tries and true people to fill all the slots that are needed for an out of state investor.

A client this weekend I needed some work done quickly so that he could close on a house. I called one of my team members that quickly went out and took care of the problem so that he could close his property successfully. Sometimes I don't make money on each individual thing but my clients still have total access to my team.

Step Three: When your doing a full renovation and analysis on the area that you're looking to invest in. Make sure you know the values of your properties before you start renovation and get the renovation in detail to know what they are doing with your money. For example if you're doing a rental property the renovation should be less than if you were doing a flip property. The reasons are obvious. Make sure that all your bases are covered with the maintenance part of your property and that your renovated it to get the highest appraisal and best use of your property to sell it.

 I talked to a potential Client from Phoenix Arizona that was looking for the cheapest properties he could find an area I did not approve of. I did not feel it will be in his best interest to buy there so I did not take the client. Renovation would be very expensive and you would have a huge turnover in tenants in the area that he wanted to buy in. Even though I could've made money on that I decided it was not in the best interest of the client to purchase there so I told him he would have to get another Realtor.

Step 4: Also have an area that has a growing Economy and Growing housing prices. When there are jobs and a growing economy people need housing.  When I personally look at an area I want to see a lot of different industries.  For example in the Cleveland Ohio area they have the Nestle Company,Ford Company, Steel Mill, Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and Progressive Insurance head courtiers to name a few.

Having the right representation for you as an investor is it crucial to your success in the real estate market. Having the right areas and the right team around you can make or break your portfolio. Call Brett 21670357

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another Great Home for a Happy Client

Jeff and Jen came to us to fins their perfect home.  We looked at many homes until we found the right property for their needs.  We handed them their keys last night and they are ready to move in.  These type of clients make my day and me and Lori really enjoyed the time we spent looking at homes with them.....We still have a home warming party to do and that will be a blast too.

Here's what they said about the experience with us
"Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication spent in to find your dream home.  We appreciate your patience throughout this whole process.Thank You for being flexible with your schedule as we will have to definitely have to stay in touch.  We will send your pictures of the home as we furnish.  Thanks again for everything Jeff and Jen "

Getting people the right type of real estate is our specialty. Thanks Jeff and Jen for your kind words and having fun through the process.  Awesome Home!

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Friday, January 29, 2016

Unlimited Real Estate Magazine 1-29-16

Unlimited Real Estate News

Getting you the information in Real Estate


Duplex for sale already leased



This is a great duplex that is a brick building and has 2 units.  One is a 1 bedroom 1 bath that is currently rented and a 2 bedroom 1 bath unit that is also rented. Double car garage. In a good area,  Let's go over the Approximate numbers on this duplex.


Tax________$   142
P/M_______$    105
Insurance___$     60

Net Proceeds $743

This is a great income property that is already leased.  Call Brett for more information 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Howard Hanna and Jarrett Signature Homes


New Flip property Available



This property is a 3 bedroom 2 bath Cape Cod in a very nice city. It needs some work but the property is in a very desirable area. This is also a low days on market home.  Let's go over the approximate numbers.


Total Cost_____$110,000

Sale Price $150k-160K

This property is in  low days on market area and will be a quick rehab.  Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Howard Hanna and Jarrett Signature Homes


Just purchased Flip in Phoenix Arizona



We just purchased our first property in the Phoenix Arizona market to flip. This property was purchased with in the Phoenix Metro area. We bought it last week and will have approximately $35,000-$40,000 equity after rehab.  We have our discounted listing rate available

This property will be finished in the next two weeks and we will have it on the market.  Call Brett 602-363-6551602-363-6551 West USA Realty. We also have private financing lined up in the Phoenix Arizona Market.  Please call Brett for all the details. 


Need Help with your existing property?



There are always different things that you may need a second opinion on.  Your property may need some maintenance or a full blown rehab. You know that time is of the essence and we understand that.  Getting your property rented and getting that tenant approved through your property management.

Maybe you want to sell your property and need to get a value of your home.  We are licensed Realtor's in both Ohio and Arizona.  We would love to assist in selling your home. We can also consult you on any rehab that can be done to get the most for your property. Our  Marketing program is second to known.  

If you looking at selling the home you are living in, let us come and give you an assessment on getting the top dollar for your property. We have professionals that can help turn your home into a castle.  

I have personally done 100's of homes and understand the need of residential real estate.  Let us help you any of your income property needs. Having the right People to help you in making sure your portfolio keeps making money is what we do.

We usually can save you money on your project and get your property rolling again. Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Howard Hanna and Jarrett Signature Homes.

Flip Sold and Closed in Ohio



Got another Flip sold and Closed.  This property was in Lakewood and we had it under contract in 32 days.  We followed all the appraisals and inspection through the city and the buyers inspections.  All passed and the buyers was very happy with their purchase.   We just put our last flip in escrow in 4 days! Check out the after pictures of this home.

Our unique system works through the whole process of your properties stages.  Check out our system and Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Howard Hanna and Jarrett Signature Homes

New Listing In Cuyahoga Falls



Here is a great home in the Cuyahoga Falls area.  This property is very affordable and has been rehabbed  The home has newly installed appliances, interior paint, finished basement, and a lot more.  The large back yard is also fenced and private.  This home is located in the heart of this city and is on minutes away from the great shopping that is available.

Want to get a home for under $110,000?  This is a fabulous area. Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Howard Hanna.  Check out the videos below and get yourself a great place to live.




Investment property sales in Northeast Ohio rose 12% in 2015


This story comes from by Stan Bullard that talks about the healthy activity in commercial real estate in the Cleveland Ohio area.

"Total commercial property investment sales reached $800 million, a 12% increase from $714 million in 2014, according to the NAI Daus survey."

That is a tall tale sign that the economy in Northern Ohio is staying aggressive.  It also shows that investors have confidence in this market. Having people come here for jobs also creates a healthy housing market.

"Almost $290 million in income-producing office building sales occurred in 2015, far surpassing the next largest category, shopping centers, where nearly $178 million of property changed hands."

Most of the money was spent on office buildings which usually means white collar jobs.  People that need to move there business to Ohio will be looking in this area. I am very excited to see that the commercial properties are taking off and being consistent every year.They are going strong even this year.

"Pacella predicts about the same level of activity in 2016 as last year. However, there are red flags. Activity may weaken because presidential election years create uncertainty for big-ticket property owners. And increasing interest rates may come into play in commercial property before they cause a ripple in residential mortgages.

On the other hand, Pacella noted, “We have already gotten off to a fast start. There is a lot of capital chasing deals and lenders continue to be active"

I personally do not see the interest rates increasing to much with the stock market tumble. I do agree that the presidential election will effect the real estate market.  With the election going the right way which I believe it will the economy will boom in 2017.  It will grow in 2016 if it can with the limited housing inventory.  The homes are selling and people want them.The key is getting them and that is all I do.

Getting a home this year?  Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Howard Hanna and Jarrett Signature Homes. I do Investment real estate and residential real estate.  Over 900+ transactions and counting.     


Want to sell your home and save money in Arizona?


I am know offering a great way to sell your home in the Phoenix Arizona area. My discount listing is the one of the best in the business. I offer 2 great ways to list your home.  The best value is the 1% fee to get on the MLS. I am also a member of Zillow, Trulia,and which you will get a Premiere listing in these sites.I have sold 100's of properties in the Phoenix.

Having the marketing and the Professionalism to help you sell your home.  Call Brett 602-363-6551602-363-6551 West USA Realty

This offer is a Full Service package.  You will be added to the MLS,,Trulia,,and This will get your home the maximum exposure in the Phoenix and world ,market.
The overall listing will be 4% of the sales price.  1% going to USA Realty and 3% going to the sales agent.  What do you get for our 1%?
Taking all the calls from agents and setting up the appointments.  Key less entry boxes, we get all the contracts and break down the cost, we deal directly with the sales agent or buyer if needed. We also get all the marketing and a professional sign in your front yard.
I have had 100’s of transactions and understand how to sell homes.  Stop with all the high cost of selling your home or investment property call Brett 602-363-6551602-363-6551 West USA Realty.
I love to sell homes and really take care of my clients. Call me and get your home sold!

Finding the right Flip Properties



After doing the many 100's of flip properties that I have done and today's market it is a lot of work to get the right real estate.  Finding a property is just the start, you have to get it remodeled it and for the right price. Then you have to have a marketing program that will get it sold ASAP.  Let me give you some examples.

I just got a flip under contract that had to be in budget, and have all the right bells and whistles need to be added to make sure it sold for the top price. We put all the rehab in it and sold it in 4 days! That was because of all the research and knowing what sells in that area.  We will so over 30% profit on that home when it closes.

You also have to work your listing very hard.  I spend over $1000 per month doing just that through Zillow, Trulia, and  These are the new search engines for potential buyers of homes. I construct a ton of videos during the remodeling phase that also goes out to my client every week and helps promote the property. This helps keep the property in potential buyers minds.

Then you have to know how to close.  I know on two properties that were sold in Beachwood Ohio, they had some low ball offers, but I worked with my Realtor (my wife) and the buyers agent and we made our clients what we had anticipated for a sale price.  We also had happy buyers.

Making sure that all your bases are covered is a lot of work.  Having a someone who specializes in it and looks at properties daily is crucial.  Getting more properties and helping the client through all the processes of the property.  Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 Howard Hanna and Jarrett Signature Homes 



Do your research, choose your listing price, and watch the buyers line up.




I found this story in by that talks about selling your property and how to do it faster. Price is the crucial part of this assumption when you are looking at selling a property.

"Make sure to look at recent comps
Markets change fast, so it’s best to find comparable sales within the past three months. If you go back too far, you will see homes where a deal might have been made many months before it closed.
Real estate markets can turn on a dime, so a deal put together more than six months ago isn’t applicable. Pending sales are your best indicator of the current market’s conditions."

You also need to to look at each individual property and see what is updated and what is not. For example does it have a newer or used look in the kitchen and bathroom areas.  This is a huge factor to many buyers.  Also the age of the home and what has been replaced recently Heatrer,A/C,Windows,flooring,Roof etc.

"No two homes are alike

The 2,000-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath home with two-car parking on a quarter acre down the street just closed for $500,000. That means your home — also a 2,000-square-foot, 3-bedroom, 2-bath house with two-car parking on a quarter acre — is also worth $500,000, right?
Not so fast. What you don’t realize is that the other home’s three bedrooms are not all on the top floor, and that the home lacks an en-suite master bathroom, its kitchen is closed off from the living areas, and the layout is choppy.
Buyers pay more for better floor plans and flow. Your home, with an open concept kitchen/living area and three bedrooms all near each other, is much more valuable."

Floor plan is a big issue.  The more the home cost the bigger factor it is.  In Strongsville Ohio they are starting to tear down walls to make a more open floor plan look.  This gets them a lot more money and it sells faster. You need to know that to make the right decision on your listing price.

"  Go see homes for sale
Rarely does anyone decide to sell overnight. Once you realize a sale is in your future, get out and see what’s in your market. Check out open houses nearby to see the interiors for yourself.
Homes you see in January will likely be pending or closed by the time you list in April. Or they may still be on the market, which is an indication of poor pricing.
Check out the different floor plans, finishes and fixtures of nearby homes for sale, and consider whether each is more or less valuable than yours.
The best seller is the informed one. So don’t rely solely on your agent’s word about a particular house, or the market in general.

Open house on the weekend are a great way to do this. having that insight helps you understand how your property stacks up with the rest.  As most of you know I flip real estate so I study the upgrades in the higher selling properties in the areas I buying a property in, to understand what to upgrade and predict how much it will get me. Brett Young Howard Hanna, West USA Realty and Jarrett Signature Homes


So You Wanna Buy a House? Step 4: Find the Right Realtor




Finding the right Realtor is the key to getting the right home for your portfolio. This is a great article from by Jamie Wiebe that talks about this.

 A lot of people always use the Realtor that their friends suggested to use and that may not always the best choice. Here are some of the questions you should ask your Agent when your looking to purchase any type of real estate.

"How long have you been in real estate? You’re looking for a seasoned agent—and while an agent doesn’t need decades of experience under her belt, less than a year or two of experience can be concerning."

I have been in the real estate business since 1985 and an agent since 2000.  It is true there are so many different types of ways to buy the perfect home for you or your portfolio.  You also have inspections and knowledge of areas that your client is purchasing in. For example is there shopping, and other items that a buyer needs to know on that area.  I always like to recommend a restaurant to dine at in the city they are looking at.

"What is your schedule? If they’re not a full-time agent, you need to know when they’ll be available. “If the only time you can see houses is in direct conflict with times they have to be working their other jobs, you could miss out on a lot of properties,” says Jensen."

Having a full time agent to buy or sale your home is crucial.  I am currently watching a home that has a part time agent in it. I know that the property won't sell anytime soon.  Having an agent that works everyday is needed to get the best deals and the best sale prices for your needs.  I also look at all new listings daily for my clients.

These are a few items that you have to be aware of when choosing an agent.  I have been doing this full time for 16 years and really love to find the right real estate for my clients and their portfolios.  Call Brett 216-703-5740216-703-5740 in Ohio Howard Hanna and 602-363-6551602-363-6551 in Arizona West USA Realty. I know the areas to buy and sell your home.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Flip Sold and Closed in Ohio

Got another Flip sold and Closed.  This property was in Lakewood and we had it under contract in 32 days.  We followed all the appraisals and inspection through the city and the buyers inspections.  All passed and the buyers was very happy with their purchase.   We just put our last flip in escrow in 4 days! Check out the after pictures of this home.

Our unique system works through the whole process of your properties stages.  Check out our system and Call Brett 216-703-5740 Howard Hanna and Jarrett Signature Homes

I want more information on your Flip Real Estate 

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