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New Real Estate Videos for 8/27/16

Have some updates on properties that we are working on.  It has been a busy week and I am working on 2 closing for my flips. It is a constant job keeping up with closings and appraisals. This week I had to send a detailed item list and the cost of each item we rehabbed to an appraiser for the lender. Also we had to have a sidewalk done in a day and passed through the city in another closing.  We go it all done. That is what a Full Service Realtor should do for you.

Real Estate is not just about what we can sale the property for, but making sure that all the rehab we do makes our clients money. We work hard for your business and love our Clients!

Keeping the lawns mowed and the homes looking good with fresh water for the plants keeps the properties looking top notch.

Lets go through the ones we are working now.

2425 Westlake property will be done on Monday.  This video was done on Friday morning and there has been a ton of finishing work done today.  All the carpet is in and the doors are installed. Monday we will be doing the finishing touches and getting this property listed.

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6182 Seven Hills Ohio property is getting finished also.  We are getting the basement finished and the new bathroom framed in. Also finishing up the tile and cabinets.  There was a lot of extra work done on the electrical also. This property will be very close to finished next week.

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6543 Seven Hills Ohio  property is also moving along. All new bathrooms and the tile is competed in the kitchen and entry way. The kitchen cabinets and flooring will start going in next week. This property should also be very close to being finished next week.

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1130 Mayfield Heights has all the painting completed and we have started the paint the exterior. That should be completed next Tuesday.  The contractor will start getting the interior finished and we also have to get the exterior completed.

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