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Friday, June 16, 2017

Essential Real Estate News You Need To Know 6/16/2017 Edition

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Arizona Discount Listing Service Starts at $2000 Flat Fee

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Great Brunch place Near Cleveland

I eat at a lot of eateries around this city and there is one that has a Breakfast Pizza to die for. Before you think of a typical pizza, think of a pizza with Spinach,sunny side up egg,and peperonta.  When it is delivered to your table your taste buds will go wild.
The coffee is to die for and no breakfast is complete without fresh squeezed orange juice. They also have a great smoked BBQ Brisket and of course Shrimp and Grits.

Lori's favorite is the Eggs Benedict with their awesome freshly brewed coffee.

Happy hour is great on Mondays and so is the crowd. There is a mixture of all types of people that are up and comers, been there, and are there.
Their dinner menu consists of meats and cheese plates you can share. Salmon, Double Breasted Chicken and yes Oven-Fired pizza. They have a full list of drinks that prepare the pallet for your delicious on tray.

The desert menu is full of choices one of my favorites is Ricotta Cheese Cake with it's Marcona Nut Crust. Or they have Hand Made Ice cream you can have there or take out.

There desert drink menu has many choices like ESPRESSO + CAPPUCCINO and of course all the Adult versions.

Flour is an excellent place to get Brunch or Dinner and it will impress you. The dining area is white table cloth, and the bar area is full of seating on the bar or tables. When the weather permits they also have outside tables you can dine at.

These are one of the many amenities that Moreland Hills has to offer. Great area for family and friends. Call Brett for all your Real Estate needs 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere


Listing Service Ohio Century 21 Premier


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Best Beach Front Villas to enjoy and create Income


You want your view to be like this one? You want to have a Ocean Villa you can enjoy when you want? Do you want to make income on your villa while your not there? Playa Azul has all the above!!  Their unique reservation system generates over $4 million dollars a year and keeps these properties creating income.


Playa Azul is building their 4th resort and it will be over 600 units complete with all the resort amenities any luxury resort can offer. The resort sets on En canto Beach which has pure white sand lapping up to the Sea of Cortez. There is not a better beach in the world.


We have 2 units that are 80% done and are Luxury Studios 1 bath units that have a spectacular ocean view off the balcony. These units create approx $16,000-$18,000 a year in income. you will still have plenty of time to enjoy them yourself! These units are $110,000 each at this special offer.  These units retail for $139,900 and will be able to be rented around June of this year.

Housing Shortage Catches Google’s Eye

Great article about what Google and actually Facebook is doing to get into the Real Estate market. The article is at by Aly Yale. They are the Modular homes that are like the tiny homes on FYI.

"The company will purchase 300 modular home units from start-up Factory OS, a deal Factory’s CEO says is worth $25 to $30 million."

This is being done in places that have extremely expensive homes like the Bay area and other places even Phoenix has them.

"Modular building technology, which allows homes to be built off-site and then pieced together on the buyer’s property, could reduce Bay Area home construction costs anywhere from 20 to 50 percent, according to The Wall Street Journal."

I did see a subdivision going up in the Phoenix metro area that were all modular homes. The price on those were around $100K. The homes were around 700 SQ Feet and did not have much of a yard.

""Anything that can help us to move forward with a greater knowledge of how we can produce housing more effectively is something we're interested in," Igoe said. "We absolutely are confident that it will work. Hopefully it doesn't become false bravado.""

I think Google is right about building homes at an affordable rate. There is room in the market for these types of homes and more importantly there are renters and buyers for them. If it has market demand it will sale.

Having new technology in the housing market can really help the real estate market. I just hope these types of homes are available to purchase. Having a place to call home and fixed payments is important to most home dwellers. It is also the American Dream

Looking forward to a Google or Facebook new home sub division, I wonder if they will have free internet : ).

Need any type of home call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul  


How much does the so called real estate experts really know???????

I read a lot of articles and study a lot of charts to try to understand today's real estate market. It amazes me how they predict real estate and it's future values. This story at talks about the housing recovering being over! The article was written in 2014 and we know what has happened since.

Some of the Real estate articles are written by companies that do not sell any real estate or deal with it day to day. Fortune Magazine does not give out listings do they? came out with an article that was titled "Here's proof the housing bubble is about to burst" again written in 2014. It's all about 1st time home buyers not getting into the real estate market. As a Realtor and someone who watches the streets and reads a ton of articles knew in 2014 that the inventory of homes were low. The other factor was regulations that keep builders from building modest homes. First time home buyers also needed to have financing that was not available to them at the time. Nothing to do with Real Estate it had to do with the circumstances of that time and regulations that strapped lenders. 

The key in all this is in demand and consumer confidence. People want to own homes and have the American Dream. More money is made with real estate than any other investment. The inventory is low but there are new homes being built. Vehicles go up every year, you never hear of a bubble on that?

It is all about financing and how available it is to the consumer. Financing is coming back and home buying will continue to flourish through at least 2018. As a Realtor I understand how difficult it is to purchase a home today. Some are selling in hours or days. People want to have their own homes to live in and it is a great vehicle to create wealth for their family.

Need a home and areas that have the best chance to flourish in the future. Call Brett this is all I do 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premier and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul

Fighting Multiple Offers on a House? Here's How to Win

This is the part of real estate I do not like, but in today's market there are some homes that you have to deal with it. There are some simple ways to get your offer to the top of the pile. The article is from by Tara Mastroeni that has some great point.

"Buy the home 'as is'
:Agreeing to buy the home "as is" essentially means that you are agreeing to purchase the home in its current condition and releasing the sellers from the responsibility of making any repairs. It's a very attractive option from the sellers' point of view because it increases their net profit."

This is the best way to get to the top of the list. Inspectors can be good and bad, some are just plain deal killers. Just because you purchased it as is doesn't mean you cannot get an inspection it just means you are not going to ask for repairs. You have a 10 day inspection period that you can use for your inspection. Let the seller know you just want to make sure there are no major issues and you are getting a home warranty that requires an inspection. Most sellers will be good with that.

" Have your agent make a call
Your real estate agent's job is to make sure that your interests are communicated to the sellers throughout the negotiation process"

This is very crucial I had multiple offers on a property in Lakewood Ohio. Me and my Seller met with all 4 potential buyers at the property. 3 of them where going to be more difficult in the inspection period. To me that is not a great sign, and it was an older property. One of the buyers was a seasoned investors that was adding to their portfolio and was very professional. I informed my seller that he might want to consider the seasoned investor over the rest. He did and the transaction went smoothly.

You agent really needs to know how to do both sides of a transaction in order to know how to get accepted contracts. Doing 100's of transactions means that I have seen a few things in real estate transactions.

"  Keep financing clean
Where financing is concerned, buying a property with cash is always attractive to sellers, if you can afford it. Since a mortgage lender won't have to get involved, the sale process becomes much easier and there won't be any worry that a loan won't get approved at the last minute. That being said, cash certainly isn't an option for every buyer. If a mortgage is a must, make sure that you provide a pre-approval, so that the sellers know a lender has already vetted your finances."

That is key when your financing 10%-20% down on a property really looks good on a contract. If closing cost are involved it can get complicated. Sometimes I have the lender call the selling agent to express my buyers credit worthiness.

Getting real estate in today's market requires a seasoned agent that understands how to get homes. Being in the real estate market for 35 years gives my clients the edge they need to get their dream home and or investment home.  

This Weeks Investment Real Estate Videos


This week has been a very busy week in 2 states. I went to Arizona this week to get the Playa Azul development seminars up and running. The meeting was successful and we have a couple going to to our development in Rocky Point to take a look at our luxury affordable vacation/income property.


This property is unique by being a vacation property when you want it to be and make income when your not using it as a vacation home. Our reservation system helps keep your unit rented while your not there. 24/7 Staff will handle the cleaning and maintenance of your property when your not there. Click here Email me for more information.  Make money vacationing with our resort.


I also shot a video for listing in Arizona. I need listings there and I will save you a lot of time and money selling your home. I have sold 100's of properties in the Phoenix area, the last property sold in 12 hours. We have a great marketing system that gets potential buyers through your home. We usually get list price and close the first time. Don't leave your home to be sold by rookies Call Brett 602-363-6551 EXP Realty.


We put a property in escrow that will be an awesome income property for a client in Kamms corner area. The home is in an excellent area and will rent for about $1000 a month. Close to all the amenities that any tenant would want. This property nets approx $640 a month after taxes,insurance,P/M. Click here to see our real estate services


We have several great residential listings that are extremely good deals. If your looking in Broadview Heights, Chagrin Falls, Garfield Heights, or South Euclid I have the home for you. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere.


I shot some new videos of Arizona and check out the area in Kamms that we just purchased in.







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Duplex in Lakewood 4 sale Tenants Included



This property has long term tenants already in place and needs some repairs.  Approx $10,000 in repairs. Located in one of the hottest cities in Ohio, Lakewood. Asking $108,000 and the gross rent is $1250 a month.  One of the Tenants has signed a two year lease. The other has a 12 month lease and both love the duplex.


Great income property Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere 


I find the hard to find Real Estate! 



5 Root Causes for U.S.’s Depressed Home ownership Rate: New Study
This article and study comes from by Adam Desanctis that discusses the home ownership in America. I wanted to give you my take on a few of the issues they outline in this study.

"Despite steadily improving local job markets and historically low mortgage rates, the U.S. homeownership rate is stuck near a 50-year low because of a perverse mix of affordability challenges, student loan debt, tight credit conditions and housing supply shortages."

Student loan debt is a factor and I think college tuition is way to high, and a lot of the classes that you have to take to get your degree is really income for a college. Some of the courses that are just added on to a degree to make the college more money. I personally have an associates that I paid off a student loan on in 1985. I worked afternoon turn to pay my bills and went to school during the day. It was hard but I learned how to time manage and get a lot done in a day.

Tight credit conditions are another rub on this market. You used to go to your local bank for your financing. That is pretty much gone today and young adults never had that experience of traditional lending. Today they are starting to look at mortgages and home ownership. Renters do not make any money in the real estate market.

Also buyers have to have faith in the system of home ownership. It has worked very well and will continue to do so. The current government officials have started to set reasonable ways to get credit. Also with the interest rates going up slightly it will get more investors in the mortgage market.

Home ownership is coming back after 10 years with all the new building and jobs people are getting back to the American Dream of home ownership. Remember rent last forever and home ownership last 30 years or less. Call Brett to get the best home for your needs. 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul.   


i can't believe what I got this house for!




First of all got this home for $55K and it will net for $640+ a month. Need Real Estate? We get real estate done! Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere



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