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Monday, June 19, 2017

Selling your home in a seller’s market isn’t as easy as you think

This article comes from by Marshall Park that talks a lot about selling homes in the DC area. he makes some great points that apply pretty much everywhere in this market.

Selling a home is not as easy as the Million Dollar listing show, not everyone has millions to spend on a home. There are some homes that are in very hot areas, but need updates.

Selling homes in a sellers market requires that you sale the home fairly quickly or in at least the Northern Ohio market it stays on the market a while. I have a home listed in an area that has a 100 days or more to sale. The family is relocating and needs to sell their home. I am working very hard to get that done. The issue in the area is that the HOA fee is high and you need buyers that want all their outside maintenance issues to go away. You also have a lake and other very nice amenities.

In other parts of this area basements play a huge factor on what a home will sell for. The price can vary as much as $20,000-$50,000 more with a basement. As a listing agent that is super important to know when you are comping a property to sale.

Sellers are also an important factor if they live in the home you are selling. They have some work keeping the home clean and prepared to show. Sellers also have to be prepared to have people coming through their home a lot. That is why it is super important to price the home correctly in this market. Just because a home is going up for sale does not mean it is a hot area, Pricing a home correctly can get it sold a lot faster and less hassle.

The other key to selling your home is an agent that is available almost all the time. I have an inspection on a home at 7pm tonight ( my golf night) that I will be there for. It is very important for an agent to be at an inspection to represent the seller. Also I will be bringing all the work receipts that have been done on the home.

Lastly marketing your home is also key. Most all Real Estate companies have similar marketing features on a home. The difference is having an agent that is well trained on the internet is your real estate agent? Super important when your advertising your home. I personally run all my listings advertising through all the social sites and email agents that sale in that area.

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