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Monday, July 31, 2017

Ultimate Real Estate News : 7 Things to Never, Ever Do When Buying a Home

7 Things to Never, Ever Do When Buying a Home

7 Things to Never, Ever Do When Buying a Home

A lot of real estate buyers do not realize that today's home market is sellers market in most neighborhoods. There are a lot of neighborhoods that sale quickly. With that is mind this article comes from by Daniel Bortz about the don't do's in today's home buying. I wanted to go over a few of the items and what I am seeing with my clients.

"1. Don't shop for homes without an agent
By all means, start out by looking online at pictures of pretty houses—the more the better. It's a vastly useful way to get the lay of the land. But when it comes time to get serious about buying a house, you should find a professional to help you out."

The internet real estate websites are abundant and are not always up to date, Zillow is really an issue on updating when homes are undercontact. There are a lot of other information that local Realtors can give their clients that you cannot get without Realtors. For example do you or do you not need to inspect your home when buying it? Will a home have a good shot at creating equity in the future? What are the pricing trends in a neighborhood? These are questions a Realtor can answer.

Real Estate Agents are licensed and schooled in all those questions and know where to get answers. Make sure that your agent helps you with any questions you might have on real estate. No matter how many home tv shows you watch, you can't get information on a home like a Realtor can.

" 5. Don't make ridiculously lowball offers
You obviously want to get a bargain, but you could lose out on a home that you love by making an absurdly low offer. In fact, a recent survey from Inman found that 15% of real estate agents say the third-largest mistake people make when buying a home is offering too little for a property (that’s behind not talking to a lender first and waiting too long to make an offer)"

This is the biggest mistake of most buyers, they still think it is a buyers market. The way to know whether it is or not, look at days on market in the neighborhood you are interested in. How long are homes on the market in the neighborhood you are looking in? If those days are under 30-60 days you have a very hot market. Those are areas that a lot of people want to live in, think about future value in those areas?

If there is not lot listings in a neighborhood that is also a good sign. If people like the neighborhood they do not want to move. I am showing a client a home for the second time tonight that has a very few homes for sale in. There are actually no listings except for the one we are looking at. That is a neighborhood families stay in and like.

Basically today's market is strong and has a low inventory of homes for sale. If you are looking to sell your home it is a great time. If you are looking to buy it is also great time to buy, simply because you will know the best neighborhoods to buy in. Take full advantage of this real estate market.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ultimate Real Estate News : Sunday Brunch: Corky and Lennys Beachwood Ohio

Sunday Brunch: Corky and Lennys Beachwood Ohio

Sunday Brunch: Corky and Lennys Beachwood Ohio

Want a unique eatery that has a Jewish Food twist? Corky and Lennys may be your place to go. Their food is very tasty and the menu has a full array of entrees that will please your palette. 
If it is Breakfast/Brunch menu you might want try their unique dishes. Some of my favorites is Sturgeon – with Eggs and Onions, Matzo & Eggs Scrambled or Pancake-Style, Nova Lox, Eggs and Onions and my favorite Corned Beef Hash with Poached Egg. These dishes have plenty of food and fun to eat. They have great bread to go with all their breakfast entrees.
I have personally taken some clients and family to Corkys and Lennys and they have all thoroughly loved the food. You never fell rushed and the Pickles are great they serve you before your main dish comes out.
Their Matzoh Ball, Kreplach, Noodles and Rice Large Bowl is very good if your looking for a lite lunch or dinner. 

 This eatery is also known for their famous sandwiches that will usually require a take home box. Some of my favorites are Hot Corned Beef,Roast Brisket of Beef (Hot or Cold), and Slivered Cold Roast Beef. My mom even loves this place and she is a harsh critic on eateries. When she is here from Phoenix Az Corky and Lennys is a must stop.  She usually gets the Hot Corned Beef.

Lastly they have a bakery that is hard to pass up. There huge choose of Rugulah is my favorite desert and they are great with coffee or milk. They have all types of cookies and cream cheese pastries.  You will probably want to take them home after your meal, they are a great night cap.
Corky and Lennys are a very tasty and enjoyable experience for casual dining.  The service is usually very good and your food does take a while to prepare, but it is worth it. Go and enjoy.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

New Discount listing Service for Northern Ohio

Getting your home sold in today's real estate market can be hard without the right marketing and seasoned agent.

Real Estate Services we Offer! | Tailored Real Estate Services

I personally have 11 rental properties and enjoy the monthly income. My most pricy rental property has been rented to the same tenants for 9 years. The monthly rent is $1400 per month. They direct deposit in my account every month and they never have missed one payment. I enjoy the monthly income.

Ultimate Real Estate News : Videos And Information On Buying And Selling Real Estate Helped Me Succeed

Videos And Information On Buying And Selling Real Estate Helped Me Succeed

Videos And Information On Buying And Selling Real Estate Helped Me Succeed

 When you looking at buying, selling or getting into any type of real estate you need to get a seasoned agent to assist you. I talked to a client this week who had friends that spent $80,000 on a real estate program that lasted a week and no real estate was included. We just purchased and are rehabbing a home for less than $80,000 that will net cash flow our client over 600+ month, The home is also in a very nice neighborhood and should see equity growth.

We closed a lovely home for a relocation client in Chagrin Falls Ohio. The home is located in lovely  Lake community with a very large lot. The home is over 3300 SQ feet with a huge master suite that I really like. It is situated on a elevated lot that is complete with it's own water well and is very private and secluded. This client did not like the kitchen in this home and is getting a new one before they move in. Our real estate services have contractors that can quote a job before we close the home. They loved the quote and got to pick out some lovely cabinets at the showroom. They also will be meeting with the granite company to choose what color they want for their counter top. All new tile in the kitchen that will be carefully laid to perfection. The kitchen will also have a back splash the round out the finishes.

Have a new buyer this week that is looking at some new places to call home. The client impresses me with his knowledge of real estate at such a young age. He already has rental properties that cash flow very well and decided that they will be paying cash on their very nice $200,000+ home. They will also be doing their own rehabbing. My clients decided to use some of our construction suppliers to purchase from and save a ton of money. As part of our services we have relationships with vendors that save our clients a ton of money.

Next week we have 2 more homes closing, that will be finalized. I need to find a great lawn service for one of my clients so that they their lawn needs taken care of. Very nice client that is looking forward to purchasing an awesome home in North Olmsted Ohio. She is out of town so I met their carpet guy at the home a few weeks ago so he could measure it. The new carpet will be installed the day after closing.

We also have a first time home buyer that is buying one of our listing in Broadview Heights Ohio. She is getting a freshly rehabbed home, that fits her and the families needs. This is a very exciting event for them and I am excited to get them into a great neighborhood that they can raise their family in. The new kitchen in that home is awesome!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Ultimate Real Estate News : Real Estate News Magazine Guide To Communicating Value

Real Estate News Magazine Guide To Communicating Value

Ultimate Real Estate News : 3 Steps to Buying and Holding Real Estate with income

3 Steps to Buying and Holding Real Estate with income

Ultimate Real Estate News : Real Estate News Magazine Guide To Communicating Value

Real Estate News Magazine Guide To Communicating Value

Real Estate News Magazine Guide To Communicating Value

Unlimited Real Estate Magazine

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US homes are now more valuable than ever


This article comes from by Diana Olick and talks about the higher prices and the strong demand for homes.


I did find a paragraph in this story that had an interesting sentence.


"That sale price has shifted higher not just because of inherent home value but because of the mix of homes selling. Currently, more expensive homes are selling because there is a severe shortage of low-priced starter homes for sale. Higher volume on the pricier end shifts the median higher. If rental landlords suddenly dumped a few million low-priced homes on the market, and they sold fast, that median would shift lower immediately."


If rental landlords dumped their medium priced properties  the medium price would change, so what? The prices on medium priced homes are at there peak and would sell fast in the better areas. As a landlord it might be a great time to sell a few properties and cash in on this awesome real estate market. If your home is located in an area that is selling in 60 days or less you might want to consider it.


""The national housing market remains red hot and shows no signs of slowing, even as some local markets like the Bay Area have noticeably cooled," Gudell said. "But even in areas where the housing market has slowed, home values are at or very near peak levels, selection is limited, demand is high and competition is fierce.""


That is another thing that needs to be looked at when you are selling, how many homes are for sale in the area? For example in Strongsville Ohio when a property in the 44136 zip code goes up for sale in the low $200's it sells very quickly. We looked at one last weekend that was under contract in 3 days. That is a hot market. There are very few nice ones for sale.


"Zillow has come under plenty of fire for its so-called "Zestimates," with some homeowners claiming inaccurate readings are hurting their home values. So, is it absolutely precise? Of course not."


They are so wrong and buyers look at Zillow and think that they are correct on the values.  There is a lot of variables that one has to take into consideration when coming up with a home value. For example does the home have updated? New kitchen, more bathrooms, Sun room, basement, is it a as is property, or remodeled property? Zillow takes known of this into consideration and often gives the wrong estimate on a properties value.


You have to be licensed and study what each home is worth and why it is worth that price. I always email the appraiser my comps and if we did updating I send the before and after pictures I took of the project. Also send the list of updates that were done. Thank God I have never missed an appraisal. That is what it takes to get a correct value on a home.


Looking at selling your home? Call me I am Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul.

Building Wealth through Real Estate and buying a Home


Building wealth is done mostly through buying Real Estate and your home. Buying real estate that can grow in equity is the key to building your wealth. Doing 1000+ homes and understanding the best homes to capture the most equity is what I do. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere or 602-363-6551 EXP Realty


You, Me And Real Estate Videos And How To: The Truth

This week has been busy and in the real estate world. Have 4 homes closing in the next two weeks and had to get everything set up for the updates.

The home in Chagrin Falls that is closing next week , we ordered their new kitchen cabinets. We have a great cabinet resource that has the soft close cabinets that fit peoples budget. My buyer is getting excited to move into their home. My company also sends them their utility phone numbers to get everything switched over. The contractor will be doing the kitchen and a ton of other rehabbing in this home.

The property we are getting in Hudson is also getting ready to close 2 weeks. The walk out basement will turned into a suite complete with a new bathroom and kitchen. This family has parents that need a place to stay and they also need their privacy. This home is set up perfectly for just that, whether they want to stroll around the lake or shot a round on the links. My clients also have a community pool that is available to cool off with.

Home in North Olmsted is also ready to close in the next two weeks, I received the receipt on the repairs and we will be going over to the home to look at the repairs in our walk through before closing.

All these homes have warranties that are renewable yearly and I give them to my clients at no cost. My clients have the extra assurance that their new home will be stress free and fun to live in while their equity grows.

Need a Realtor that has a one stop shop for services? Need a Realtor that gets real estate done? Call Brett 216-703-5740
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Foreign U.S. Home Sales Dollar Volume Surges 49 Percent to Record $153 Billion


This article came from by Adam Desanctis that brings up that there is a lot of money coming in abroad from foreign buyers and investors. They know like a lot of Americans know Real Estate is the best place to park money, even if you are just a home buyer.

"“While the strengthening of the U.S. dollar in relation to other currencies and steadfast home-price growth made buying a home more expensive in many areas, foreigners increasingly acted on their beliefs that the U.S. is a safe and secure place to live, work and invest.”"

"Yun attributes this notable rise in activity to Canadians opting to buy property in U.S. markets that are expensive but still more affordable than in their native land. While much of the U.S. continues to see fast price growth, home price gains in many cities in Canada have been steeper, especially in Vancouver and Toronto"

The price growth is due to no building of median priced homes in the past 10 years. The other issue in some areas is there are no new areas to build. For example want to live in Lakewood? You better be ready to live in an older home or scrap the lot and build new. The same is true for areas of Phoenix, no where for builders in some areas.

Areas and cities that it is hard to find new builds because of no land to build will probably have more equity growth. Downtown Cleveland is seeing that with the scraps and new builds and remodeling of old housing stock. Chagrin Falls, Solon, Westlake, North Olmsted, and other cities are also seeing it. Chandler, South Mesa, and Gilbert in the Phoenix metro area.

"Foreign buyers typically paid $302,290, which was a 9.0 percent increase from the median sales price in the 2016 survey ($277,380) and above the sales price of all existing homes sold during the same period ($235,792). Approximately10 percent of foreign buyers paid over $1 million, and 44 percent of transactions were all-cash purchases (50 percent in 2016)."

Most of foreign buyers are buying mid priced real estate because they see that good equity growth will probably be in that priced home.  Mid priced homes are usually the hottest properties in a good market, with low days on market.

Knowing the areas that are seeing the best equity growth and have the best chance to see it in the future is a home buying consideration you should consider when purchasing a home. Having a Realtor that knows the best areas  for equity growth is priceless. Call Brett 216-703-5740
Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul 

Cleveland Jobs and Economy are Great, Low Home Inventory

 Demand is high for real estate in the Cleveland Metro area. We just placed a offer on a home in Strongsville that was on the market 1 day and is in multiples. That is today's real estate market better write an offer if you like the home.

 I personally bring my lap top with me when I show homes in case we need to write. In the example below we know we needed to write an offer immediately in order to have a chance to purchases it.

 ""There are about as many homes for sale now as there were in 1994, except there are about 63 million more people in this country now than there were then," Svenja Gudell, chief economist for real estate data company Zillow, wrote in an emailed response to Monday's national housing report."

This shows that a lot more homes need to be built and that will take a while. The real estate market has really never dealt with this type of shortage. 63 million people need a lot of square footage to live in. 

 "The fact that demand is so high is, actually, a good sign of economic health," she added." "Employers continue to add jobs, wages are growing at a decent pace and low mortgage-interest rates are keeping homes relatively affordable even as prices rise. But that's probably small comfort to buyers, especially first-time buyers that are having an especially difficult time finding entry-level homes for sale and that won't get any help from low interest rates as they try to save for a down payment."

The economy is good and getting better in Cleveland, so is consumer confidence. The big benefit with our real estate company is the services we provide our clients. Just got off the phone with a client that needed to have a lawn maintenance crew ready to go after they purchase a home for their daughter. They also needed a locksmith to change keys. All this is being set up and ready to go before they close.

These services give you more chooses on real estate and in today's real estate market that is crucial. 

Just received an email from a client that needed income real estate and we purchased one. Below is his email, I update him with a fresh new video weekly. We are also handling the property management for him.  

"Wow!! Thank you so much, Brett!! You guys are the best!! Thank you again for the great update, Brett!!"

Our real estate services also include selling real estate for our clients and they really enjoy the process. No team here I personally sale all my listings and ensure they are marketed correctly.

The MLS takes care of a 100+ websites after you list a home on it. Our company adds videos and write blog post on our listings. This gets more potential buyers to your door. We also pay for a premium home warranty when you buy or sale with us. That is a $400-$525 value to you.

We work hard so you don't have to. Call Brett for all your real estate needs 216-703-5740
Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul



Sunday Brunch: Mad Stone Pub

This eatery is located in the Gordon Square part of Cleveland a hip art filled area. The theater company is just up the street and so is the rest of the Gordon Square downtown. The food and scenery really is at a high level at Stone Mad.
If weather permits you can enjoy your fine dining outside, even when it gets cooler the fireplaces are there to keep you warm. 
They have really added a a ton of character to this eatery and the food is very well prepared. They of course have a brunch that includes entries such as Chicken and Waffles, Breakfast Burger, Irish Breakfast, and Stone Mad breakfast sandwichAll very well prepared Brunches and very tasty. 
Do not forget about their Stone Mad Pizzas that are really additive and tasty. The thin crust and topping are one of my favorites. 
They also have an excellent diner menu that also keeps your taste buds excited to taste. Their famous Stone mad Burger melts in your mouth. Before that enjoy the starters they have on the menu. Pub Spuds is a local favorite. You have a ton of different types of cuisines to choose from.
The food and scenery are to die for and the service is excellent. If you want to hang out at the old Irish bar in the front part of this eatery you will probably meet some new friends. Very Irish Pub looking and complete with all the Irish Adult Beverages you could want. 
Want a night out in Cleveland before a Play or theater? Check out this eatery and it will not break your bank.  Bring your friends and clients to hang out and have fun after a long hard day at the office. 
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3 Steps to Buying and Holding Real Estate with income


 Real Estate is still the best way to earn income. You see a lot of huge companies begging for your money to buy their real estate formulas. You come to meetings and ask questions about investing your money into their real estate and program. The meeting usually goes on for a couple of hours and you walk out ready to buy their real estate deals. The secret sauce is getting the middle man out of your buying equation. Lets look at the three steps.

Step one We find properties in good to excellent areas. Location is everything in real estate, you want to be located in areas that can see good appreciation. As I have mentioned in a previous blog a lot of my homes have seen $40k-50k appreciation from 1 year ago.

Step two look how many rentals are in a location you are looking at. Pretty easy to find how many rentals are in an area with the internet these days. If you see a lot of rentals in a area it usually means homes are hard to sale in that area and have to rent. Today we have a hot real estate market so it is easier to see which areas are selling and or still renting. We are currently doing a home for a client that is in an area with few rentals, and many quality tenants. The area should see some good equity growth.

Step Three look at both your income and possible equity growth. You say how can I calculate future equity? Look at the recent prices and compare them from last year that will help get you a gauge for future growth. I always do a 50% reduction on past growth to get what might happen in the future. I also watch consumer confidence overall which you can look up the trend on the internet. Consumer confidence is high right now and should stay that way for a while.

Overall you want to get a home that will earn you a nice monthly income and a in an area that can create equity.

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Before You Purchase Home or Income Property you need to know all your options

I was talking to some potential clients that came through my Open House yesterday and they where frustrated. They had been looking at...