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Friday, August 11, 2017

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Buying and selling real estate does not have to be stressful! Good Real Estate Agents can make all the difference in the world! Problem solving, and being there every step of the way makes a good Realtor Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azu

July Jobs Report Signals Riper Conditions for Housing

Jobs to create money to purchase and pay for a new home. This article comes from  that talks about just that. Let's face it more jobs, more money into the economy more home buying.

"The U.S. economy added 209,000 jobs in July, the Labor Department recently reported, flouting expectations and signaling riper conditions for the housing market. The unemployment rate retreated to 4.3 percent, a low, and hourly wages on average went up 0.3 percent to $26.36."

A lot of home buyers have been sitting on the sidelines this past decade to see what housing and the economy would do. Would it bounce back or take another price dump? Well we know the answer now home prices are going up and so is the American Economy.

Some of that has to do with the low inventory and interest rates, but there are some areas that are already built up and cannot add new construction. Try to build a subdivision in a lot of cities around Cleveland and in areas of Phoenix. You can't and if you want a new home you buy the few in fill lots available or tear down the old and build new. Those home prices only help raise home pricing in that local area.

expanded 8.3 percent in June, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), with single-family construction activity picking up 6.3 percent. Home-building is being held back by labor and lot shortages, as well as rising costs and stringent regulation"

The two keys in this paragraph is Labor and regulations. Labor is always a issue in a busy market, that is why I personally keep the contractors I work with busy. I do not even give out their names to friends. Only my clients can use them for any upgrades they need on their homes.

The other is regulation and that is basically the Governments fees and inspections. The more prints and approvals the higher the cost to build. Most builders are building luxury homes because of the regulations. That is the only way they are going to make any money on their project.

"“The July employment report proved that the economy remains capable of creating 180,000 jobs per month even with the unemployment rate falling back to 4.3 percent, suggesting that the number of potential workers sitting on the sideline continues to shrink,” says Brian Schaitkin, senior economist for The Conference Board. “The good news on employment is consistent with strengthening economic growth, including from investment, entering the second half of 2017. More jobs and more investment are both signs that stronger global economic conditions may be lifting the ongoing expansion into a higher gear.”"

Good news for real estate buyers and  Investors in this market. Real estate should keep increasing in prices and the market will stay a sellers market for some time to come.

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Videos and how Realtors can make Real Estate Stress Free


Making Real Estate as Stress free as possible requires an experienced Realtor that has a plan to make your real estate transaction easier. Let's face it finding a home should be fun and exciting! From picking your favorite neighborhood and picking the perfect home. To me that is what any buyer or seller should have is a great experience.

As a Realtor you have to plan and set up a great experience for your clients. For Example, today I started the morning at a Closing in North Olmsted. My clients were a lot of fun and I looked over their HUD and went stayed through the closing. I set up a lawn service and a lock smith for their new home. It filed at 3pm today and they started working on the perfect home for their daughter....

While I was at North Olmsted Closing My with and Dave went to meet some clients that closed on a home on Wednesday of this week to plan out their remodel. The contractor made sure that all the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted. This young couple will have a lovely home to raise their awesome kids in. They are getting a brand new kitchen and a whole new look in their home.

The team had to meet at 1 pm at another property in Hudson that will be closing on Monday. My clients needed a Kitchen, Bathroom and bedroom added to their walk out basement for their parents that will be living with them in the near future. We got all the details and Dave will be going to work on their perfect home next week. We also assisted them in buying some of the home sellers furniture. I will be meeting them Monday for their closing.

Lastly in another home that will be closing Monday, we had a few rushed paperwork items that needed addressed before Monday closing. I called the title company and worked out the paperwork and sent them an addendum that was needed to close. My client will be very happy to close their home on Monday! I spent 7 hours on this property in the last few days to help ensure it would close.

Making real estate as stress free as possible takes a seasoned Realtor that keeps up with he process and helps ensure successful closings. Clients can relax knowing their real estate agent is making sure their home gets closed. 

1000+ Homes and counting, Need a Realtor? Call me I'm Brett 216-703-5740
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Real Estate Update: Finding a family another Home

Sold this lovely home to a family that wanted to be in North Olmsted and close to the schools. This home is a 4 bedroom 2.5 Bathroom 2494 SQ feet of living space. My buyers got $19,000 shaved off the asking price and a great deal. Not easy to do in this real estate market.
The home is located in a nice neighborhood and close to all the amenities that North Olmsted has to offer. Saw the my client at Red Lobster last night and they were thrilled with the home and already had new carpet installed last Saturday. 
My services stay consistent through every transaction getting inspections done early so that the process will get done as soon as possible. If services are need during the process we almost always take care of that for our clients. 
In this property I met the carpet company at the property almost 3 weeks ago to measure. It takes 2 weeks at minimum to get carpet ordered and delivered. After we closed the home on Friday the carpet was ready to install on Saturday. Allowing my clients to move into their new home faster.
We also got a locksmith and lawn care lined up for this family. Services they needed and did not have time for. 
Customer service is what it is all about for me. Need Real Estate Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul

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Sunday Brunch: Danny's Ice Cream and Burgers

Some places are hidden in area that are complete tasty gems and Danny's is one of them. Danny's is located at 1206 E Aurora Rd Macedonia, OH 44056 look for the open flags. It's a walk up Ice Cream parlor that is well worth the drive.
I was there Friday and ordered a Hot Fudge Sundae with whip cream. When I tasted it WOW was it delicious, and everything was very fresh. My Dad had a bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream and said it was the best he had ever had. The service and preparation was excellent.
Danny's have all outside seating, but they have a ice cream bar to set at and plenty of seating in the back outside. Danny's reminds me of the old fashion type establishments in a small town. Remember some of the walk up places you went as a kid?
They also have burgers, hot dogs, Gyros, Chicken Sandwiches and fries just like the old times. On a diet? probably do not want to go to Danny's not great for the waistline but great on the taste buds. 
No pre-made food here though just fresh served up platters to satisfy your hunger and desert needs. Lori had a Peanut Butter Shake and said it was delicious! 
If your heading out to a fast food joint consider Danny's where they serve up everything Fresh and tasty. 
If you need a home Call Brett I serve up fresh new homes on the market daily also. 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul 

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Hiring a Realtor makes good sense in today's market

 When your looking at purchasing a home to live in or as an investment, using a Realtor makes great sense. There are a lot of websites that you can browse through for real estate, but Realtors have more information.

Imagine going to a meetings and having new properties deals handed to you before they even go on the market? That happens a lot in in this business. Also as a Realtor buyers and sellers come to you and ask your input on their needs and wants.

That is a what Good Full Time Realtors get weekly. For example I know of  some homes that need to be sold quickly. This allows my clients to get better deals. I can think of two properties this week that Realtors have told me get me an offer. Being in the business and networking daily lets me know what is out there for sale and where some great deals are.

When your selling a home a Realtor can negotiate Offers that may be to low and keep you calm through the process. I received a low ball offer on a home once and looked at these buyers and their needs. They had a special situation that was needed for their family. After I investigated that I knew that family really needed our listing . I advised my clients to go back at almost full price and buyers  accepted the deal and closed it.

Realtors have local area information that a lot of people do not know about and are crucial to decision making when looking at real estate. For example a lot of cities in Cleveland are getting rid of the point of sale inspections. There are already some cities that had it that do not now. Knowing that information can save sellers and buyers a lot of money and choose areas that will have nice equity growth because of that new law..

Realtors can also feed you fresh real estate daily listings that are up to date and available. A lot of the Real Estate websites are not updated daily and the information is bad and outdated. Realtors see when prices have been lowered on homes. I have a client now that needs that information daily to see if there is any homes that might interest him.

In today's real estate market you need a Realtor to get the best deals and understanding the areas, A Realtor gives you the upper hand on a home and creates a better environment for you to have more chooses of homes. Call Brett 216-703-5740
Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and PLaya Azul. 


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