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Do your friends know more than a Real Estate Agent?

I see a lot of buyers and sellers that have done a lot of research online about areas and properties they like. I think that is great and there is so much information on Real Estate via the internet. But do your friends and internet know more than a  Realtor?

Realtors have been trained professionally and actually have to take continue education every 3 years to keep their license (I am currently taking my Arizona classes). As an agent you have to pass test in your continue education. Good Agents continually take classes about real estate and practices almost every week. Our information comes from actual data we studied from audited sites we pay for. In today's busy tech world Realtors take a lot of classes. 

How much does a person pay for Zillow? There is a lot of information on the internet about real estate, but how do you know all that information is correct? 

The MLS is audited and checked for accuracy. Days on market, Prices, taxes, and many other items about a home. 

When you purchase or sell a home there are detailed steps that Realtors know by heart need to be done before your transaction is complete. For example walking through a home I often see items or problems that might need addressed before we sale a home. With buyers I look at a home and see the area, rehab and quality of the location.

Yesterday I had a buyer who wanted a home, we looked at it and it needed a Garage. He informed me that he could live without the garage for a while. The issue is that the city requires you to add a garage if you buy the home. He also wanted to build a new room in the attic. I informed him he could do that as long as he updated the rest of the home to today's codes. The city requires it when you add new living areas in a home. I know these things because real estate is all I do. 

There is so much more information that Realtors know about real estate, because that is all we do. Sure you have some agents that are not all that informed sometimes, that is why you check their resume of real estate. 

Be careful listening to someone that does not buy and sell real estate for a living. Realtors do and they are licensed by the state to know real estate. Buying or selling a home is huge money and you need a professional to guide you to get the best price for your home or get find that awesome place to call home. You also need inspections and repairs on homes, Realtors assist with that and usually know the cost of repairs and where to get the best prices at for them.

Realtors are professionals in the field of buying and selling homes,  I have personally sone 100's of transactions. Making sure your home is exactly what you want and assisting you in safe guarding your investment is what we do. 

I'm Brett Call me 216-703-5740 EXP Realty Ohio and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty Arizona   PS Use a Realtor when buying a home. 

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