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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Under the Roof News Letter: Real Estate news eXPLAINED

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Coming across any good real estate? Need an experienced Realtor

Buyers and sellers are always looking for the cheapest best deals on the market in most cases. I had some potential clients that where looking in the Cleveland metro area for real estate. They were shopping Real Estate Agents and looking for the best buys.

They were doing a lot of speculating and hopefully it works out for them. i personally base Real Estate on the area and what it is doing today. When your looking at buying a property you should look at what type of area it is today and what type of tenants you will attract for that home. If you are living there think about what you like about the area and what amenities you like around the area. 

When your buying a home to live in you need to have all the amenities close by that you like and need. For example grocery stores, theaters, retail stores and eateries just to name a few.

When your looking to move into an area keep your options open up when you look at fixer uppers and moving a little farther out to get your price. Chagrin Falls is a great example, if you want to live near the village you are going to pay a pretty penny for that property. If you go out 1-2 miles the prices get better and your just a short drive to the village.

I looked at a home that was 1 1/2 miles from the village last night that was under $200,000. Finding your home in your budget sometimes takes experience and knowledge of the areas.

Finding Real Estate that fits you needs requires experience and closed transactions. Me and Lori have sold 15 homes in January and know what our clients want,  we have been in the business a long time 18 years as a Realtor and buying real estate sine 1985. We aren't bragging we want your business.

Need real estate?  We can get you the property or properties you want, over 1000+ transactions and counting. Call Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul. You can call Lori 440-695-3379 Transaction Realty.  

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Consider this book for your Real Estate Marketing.....Brett

A Realtor’s mind blowing guide to marketing on a budget. This book is overflowing with unique ideas and propitious resources that every Realtor should know. Learn how to take your business from ‘just getting by’ to ‘Boom!!’ What are you waiting for?! ….You’ve got to read this book!!

Expanding our Real Estate Services to serve our clients

Me and Lori have many different types of clients that need certain types of real estate. I would like to share with you what our clients needs are and what type of real estate we purchase for them.

Had two clients yesterday that have started purchasing some homes in the Cleveland Metro area and wanted to see what type of homes I recommend. We drove to some of the areas I think would best suit their needs. I select homes not just on what the returns and rents are, I select properties that should also benefit in the equity growth in this current market. Homes need to attract long term tenants for this client and grow in equity for future profit when they sale their homes. They have purchased 4 homes with us already.

We also had a buyer and seller in Chagrin Falls Ohio that needed to relocate. That meant he needed to sell his current home and purchase a new home in Wooster Ohio. We listed his home and sold it in 6 days with our unique marketing system. We then found him a home in Wooster Ohio that he and his family loved. Fast Forward to today and both properties are closing on the 25th of this month and our clients are very happy with their new place to call Home.

Had an investor in Canada that had purchased some homes from a large investment company and was ready to sell all 6 properties. We worked with him and will have 5 of the six properties sold for him this month. Getting all the paperwork and title work completed was a heavy load that we handled for our client. He is very happy with our service and is recommending us to all his friends that need to sell their real estate.

Another client needed to rent some of his homes that he was having issues with. Property management was not getting his properties cash flowing for him. I had done a few flips with this client and agreed to assist him since he was in California. That was in November and today all his properties are rented and making him money. He is very happy and so am I for him.

Our services find homes and income real estate that fits our clients needs and portfolio. We also sell homes quickly with our unique marketing system that gets our listings seen. We help negotiate and close deals by being pro active and getting inspections and appraisals finished quickly. If there is a loan involved we make sure that the buyers can close the deal.

Need Real Estate? I'm Brett Multi Million Dollar Producer call 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul

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Monday, January 15, 2018

5 Tips to Help You Buy a Home in a Competitive Market

This article comes from by Marietta Rodriguez giving some tips on buying a home in a competitive market. Let's face it everyone wants to get a good deal on real estate, and certain real estate markets give you a ton of chooses. That is not the case currently and if you want to buy a home you have to be on your toes and have a good agent.

"It’s a seller’s market these days. Homes are selling on average within three weeks – only taking a day to go off the market in some parts of the U.S. Buyers have little time to locate, bid and win the home of their choosing. Factors such as walkability, proximity to employment centers and desirability of school district are just some of the things driving up home prices."

Homes that you really like might be in areas that are very desirable and have all the benefits close by. Three weeks is the average to sell a home not long, and they they sell quicker in a lot of areas. Our last three listings have sold in 10 days or less. That means you need to be pre-pared when you go shopping for a new home.

"Get preapproved. While it should go without saying in today’s market, many homebuyers still begin visiting homes without a mortgage approval letter from their lender. Know the difference between prequalification and preapproval. A preapproval means that a lender has actually examined your credit and other expenses helped you determine how much mortgage you could afford given their underwriting guidelines."

Do you go shopping without money? Of course not and the same go for home shopping, you need to get pre approved for a mortgage before shopping. That way you know what you can afford to look at. This gets you to the homes that both fit your budget and what you may like. We have a great mortgage resource that can get it completed quickly.

"Make a strong net-price offer. Outside the hottest markets where bidding wars are the norm, buyers can realistically submit a price that is below asking. There is always wiggle room in determining a sale price. However, be realistic. Offering more than 10 percent below the asking price is a quick way for the seller to turn down the offer. An experienced real estate agent will help you make a strong, nonemotional offer."

Every home is different and you have to know the value and why it worth that price. When I send an offer in for a client that is lower than the asking price I personally call the agent and let them know why we offered a lower price. One agent was not even going to show my offer, and after the call he did and my clients ended up buying that home.

My last three purchases we have shaved over $50,000 off the asking prices. One home needed carpet, another needed updating, and one needed a new updated kitchen. We got all three homes and they are all updated to the my clients needs.

"Look for diamonds in the rough. Every in-demand community has them – houses that don’t put their best face forward. Buyers who are looking for their dream home will avoid homes that don’t have all of the latest bells and whistles and upgrades. Don’t be that buyer. Purchasing a home that needs upgrades or investments to bring it up to your standards may be worth investigating if the all-in cost can be managed. Not many people want to live through a home renovation, even a small one, but if you can look toward the finish line, a great home may be right in front of you."

This is my specialty and getting you the right home sometimes requites looking at homes that need updated. The other benefit is you may be able to get in a bigger home or one in a location you didn't think you could afford. Homes that need upgraded are homes that can create great living for you and you family. We get all the quotes for updating done through our approved contractors. Most homes that need updated gets you instant equity.

Getting a home today can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. I'm Brett please call me 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

604 Magnolia Ln, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 For Sale

Call Brett for your private showing 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere 

Enjoy resort style living in this Lovely 4 bedroom, 4 full bath home tucked away on a quiet cul de sac in the highly sought after Woods at Auburn Lake!

Sunday Brunch: Real Estate and playing the rehab game

Real Estate and Rehab go hand in hand understanding the cost of both is the key to getting the best deals available and creating wealth.

When your watching HGTV and other home fixer upper shows do their cost align with the real world? I have seen drain lines that run $20,000 bucks on those shows YIKES! How much does a kitchen cost to install new?

These are things buyers and investors need to know before they purchase a home. The other important factor is knowing the value of a home after the rehab. The numbers are important to know and understand how to get to the value of any home.

When you are doing values for any home and you look at the sold real estate around it, it has to be close to the same in upgrades in order to be a viable comp. For example upgrades in kitchens, number of bathrooms, Electrical, Age of Roof, and many other important factors need to be considered. I see a lot of sellers that get their value on their home from homes that have just been remodeled.

When you have all that figured out you need to know your upgrades and cost of doing them. Most companies give you one cost, we give a couple of ways to do home updates. Let's face it people are on budgets and need to have alternative plans if needed.

Kitchen cabinets can have a wide range of prices. I have seen kitchens that cost over $100,000. Kitchens can be done affordably and brand new if you know where to get the cabinets and kitchen items. Appliances, lighting, flooring and other items can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Having that option can save you $1,000's of dollars and get you a very nice kitchen. The other key ingredient is getting a finished contractor that will not charge you an arm and a leg to install your new items.

Our company assist our clients in finding a home, getting a quote from a contractor, and getting their materials for the job at a steep discount.

Want to buy or sell a home that needs some work and create equity? I'm Brett call me @ 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 EXP Realty and Playa Azul.  

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Under the Roof News Letter: Real Estate news eXPLAINED

Get rid of all the hassles in Real Estate buying and selling.....Read our weekly newsletter