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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Investing and real estate today

Investing and real estate today

In today's real estate game you need to have not only a great property but a system that helps ensure your success in this market. Today's real estate is much different than the past real estate days. The thing to remember is there are always great wealth to access in real estate in every market.

In today's market I really like the cash flow game because of the low entry price and the high rents. I know my area we get extremely high rents and our net cash flows after expenses is 14% – 21% just on the rental income. The equity is also a great factor, but the only gauge to go by is what it's worth in today's market. I see a lot of ads stating that the homes sold for this or that in 2006. That has nothing to do with today's market.

Cash flow is a great way to buy-and-hold your property until we get back to the flipping of properties type market. If you study any history you know that people like the Rockefellers created most their wealth in down times. I know in the Cleveland area I just purchase a beautiful three bedroom two bath property, on a great street. The house was only $13,000! Imagine buying a house for $13,000 I mean that was the prices during the Mayberry episodes. I remember watching one episode where the home was $7000 they felt I was not at that time. Click here to see our areas

So we're in a time to make and create great wealth. We make great cash flow right now and great wealth when the market gets back to a sellers market.

I flew all over this United States of America and checked out many different places to invest in . I've also looked at what other people in my industry are promoting. I came up with Cleveland Ohio being the best place to invest why?

The Midwest was hit the hardest in this economic downturn, but they have adjusted to the new type of economy that will be the future. For example Cleveland clinic just finished a $400 million upgrade, Progressive Insurance is in Cleveland. Also there are 25 universities and colleges that surround this area. They have basically went from a blue-collar type area to a white-collar let me give you some more examples.

University Hospital just finished a new and beautiful complex that employees thousands of people in the medical field. This hospital has many campuses in the Cleveland area and they are known for their cancer treatments. They are the second biggest hospital in the Cleveland area.

Lastly and there are a lot more industries that have been here a long time and are here to stay. Let me give you one example Lincoln electric in Euclid a suburb of Cleveland. This company employees thousands of people and have been in Cleveland area for 50+ years. So as you can see this area has a lot to offer one more example Nestlé's has a large Stouffer's frozen food plan and Solon Ohio right outside of Cleveland. Great industry as long as everyone keeps eating ; )

So if you're looking to invest in real estate don't just look at the real estate look at the area and the economy in that area. This will help you make more money on your investment in the long run. Brett Young Valley Realty

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Secrets of real estate investing

Secrets of real estate investing

I personally talked to a lot of people this week and noticed that there was a perception that some secret list exist from the banks and no one else sees for great deals on real estate. Anybody telling you that is not being truthful. It's a law that all properties that are bank foreclosed or government foreclosed must be given to the general public for purchase before anything else is done with that property.

For example some agencies requires a property to be on the market for 15 days, before an investor can even bid on it or purchase the property.

Secret to success in real estate is being there to buy the property quickly when it is right to do so.. Example this week I purchased a property in Cleveland Heights Ohio, on a great street and a great neighborhood that will rent for $950 a month. This home was in the estate sale.

The seller came to me because they know we are in the business to buy homes quickly for cash.. They originally wanted $18,000 for the home but we knew that was too high. After 60 days of not being successful in selling the house they came back to us and we just purchased it for $13,000. That is a great deal and that is a deal that will not be on the public market. Our clients will get this property for $13,000.

So the secret to investing is having the right advisors buying the properties for you. Great properties do not last more than one day to a week.. One More example we put a bid on a hot property that had 15 other offers already on it. The seller knew that we would close the deal quickly and awarded us with the contract. So again no secrets just people who do this for a living,, and und the great properties will not last long..

So if you're wanting to get into the real estate investment business make sure you're in with the company that knows the business and does it for a living and can get you the best deals. Rooftop profit max understands that and that's all we been doing..

Remember great properties only can be purchased if you where to get them and are there to get them. All the hot properties never make it to any secret list or tapes.They are snapped up very quickly.Brett Young

Sunday, January 8, 2012

When will Real Estate Skyrocket

In today's market it seems like investor is a bad word in Washington DC. Investors in my mind are the greatest asset that Real estate could have. Investors require no government handouts they risk their own capital.

Being a real estate investor I understand that we take a lot of calculated risk, and rehab a lot of ugly homes. We go into neighborhoods and buy as is homes and bring them up the code for potential sale or rental of the property. To me that's an asset and that's something that should be encouraged not discourage..

Investors also employ a lot of different people, I know my case my company employees around 30 – 50 people all the time. Our investors have created many full-time positions in my company. To me that's a great thing for this economy, and the neighborhoods we service. They in turn make great cash flow and profit on the homes. Just like banks would if they serviced these people.

Real estate prices will skyrocket when people can get better mortgages. The regulations right now have way to many regulations and need some tweaking in order for the average citizen to purchase a home. I'm not saying that everybody can't buy home right now I'm just saying there are a lot of people that want to and can't. So when you see the lending rules start changing that's when inventory will shrink and prices will go up.

Remember the real estate rule that say's prices will go up as inventory shrinks, and investors help decrease inventory and give people a great place to live. So as an investor stand fast and understand that you are great for this economy and you should be compensated for your risk. Making money in real estate is a great thing and is very available today for investors.

One last thing I've noticed in this market there are a lot of investors that are selling on LAND contracts and lease options. So they are becoming basically banks they give people different types of mortgages. I believe this market will grow for the next two years, and lenders will have to loosen their regulations and be sensible and safe for them and the buyer. So watch for the next few years the lending rules will change and they will effect real estate prices when lenders change in a positive manner. Brett Young

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The life of your Investment Property

I know people were always very excited when they get into the investment real state game. It is a lot of fun and can make you a lot of money. What people sometimes don't think about is the life of their investment.

That's where we come in, our system allows you to tap into one the largest networks in the nation. What does that get you? It gets you great prices on maintaining your property. Remember you need maintenance and management that knows what is doing to make you the most money for your real estate investment.

Our system allows you to tap into a large network with other investors so if you buy only 1 investment property or 1000 investment homes you will get the same treatment with our unique turnkey system. So if you're looking at buying investment real estate remember getting a great buy is one thing, but having the right team around you for the life of your investment is the best thing. Watch the video below and think about investing with our system.

Remember we've been doing this a long time(600 Properties) and we are only going to get better with making the most out of your investment. Our average home makes 14%-21% interest on the net income. That does not include the equity. Check out our homes and our prices. What are you waiting for 2012?

Maintenance Time

If you have had your rental for over 18 months, it is time for maintenance before the winter season. Call Lori @ 480-694-3735 to get this going today! This is very inexpensive and saves you money in the long run!

Gutter Cleaning

Checking Heater/Water Heater

Snake Main Drain

Homes $575.00 Total Cost

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