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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Talking the talk and making it happen

Here is a property we advertised in Late August.  We offered this home at $55,000 purchase and rehab.  We said it would get between $1100 and $1200 a month rent.

2 month later we have the home finished and getting the final inspection.  This property already has a tenant for $1100 a month as we said in our ad.  We get our clients the highest cash flow properties in this business in quality areas.

We make cash flow happen on Budget and on time!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Talking the talk and doing the talk

Here is an actual ad we ran on June 21 2012 on a home in Maple Heights Ohio. We said in the ad this property would rent for $925 per month.

Well it did rent for that and the tenants moved in right after the construction and inspections were completed. Rooftopinvestment knows the areas we buy in and the rents we can get. We cater to you the investor with our detailed turn key system. This property was cash flowing as soon as construction was completed with our cutting edge marketing. This property was done on time and in budget.

 At Rooftopinvestment we not only talk the talk we do the talk! Be successful in real estate investing with our team of professionals.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Real Estate Market and The Realtor

When your looking at the Real Estate Market and the great opportunities that are out there, using a realtor really makes sense.

I am a licensed real estate agent and I have 5 other ones on my staff.  My Realtors really know the market and the area's that my clients purchase in.  They scan their areas daily to get the best deals.  How do they do that?

My lead agent makes sure he knows all the deals that are available on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) daily.  Some deals will only last a day, so looking at the Multiple listing service daily really is super important. We try and wrap up the best deals and most of the time we are successful in doing that.

We also look at estate deals that never hit the MLS.  These deals require cash on the spot, and there is usually little time to make a decision.  We purchased one in Cleveland Heights Ohio and I had to cash it out in one week.  The guy that had an option on it only had a week left on that option.  These deals never hit the open market.  Unless you are tapped into the people who buy this type of real estate you never see it.  You also need cash on hand to buy it.

I always use a realtor to make sure all the paperwork is legal and they know the laws in this state.  Realtors also have relationships with escrow companies to assist you in your transaction. 

Non-realtors may ask you to transfer a property outside of escrow.  That is very dangerous to do.  There may be liens on that property that will transfer with that property.  That means after it goes in your name or corporate name you are on the hook for those debts.

Using a Realtor in this or any market really protects you and your investments.  There are good and bad realtors.  That is where my company comes in.  We really screen our realtors and they work for Rooftopinvestment clients only.  That means you will get the best deals.  We also meet with them weekly to oversee all the transactions for our clients.

Rooftopinvestment is a second layer of protection for you the investor.  Our Realtors prepare a profit report for each property they put in escrow.  We carefully go over those numbers and verify them to make sure they fit our clients projections.  See there is so much to Real Estate investing that you need a company like Rooftopinvestment to over see each deal.

Investing in Real Estate is not difficult if you team up with the right investment company.  Brett Young Valley Realty

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Investing in Property Is So Popular?

Investing in property is very popular for a lot of reasons. One would be the control and being able to visually see your investment. With stocks and securities you only see financial statements that read like a foreign language newspapers.  You really don't know how inventories are valued or what's in some of the expense accounts.

With all the bailing out going on are stocks really the best investment?  Little known fact is the shareholders of both Chrysler and GM lost all their money.  The Company and their pension got all the bail out money. The investors were not bailed out and lost all their investment or life savings.

That's why people are turning to Real Estate to pad their retirement and monthly cash flow.  Right now in Cleveland Ohio area the returns are superb! So most investors are getting a great monthly cash flow return. It's a buyers market right now.

When the market turns to a sellers market, the investors will have to make a decision to keep on cash flowing or sell their investment for profit.  The key in this statement is they make the decision. They may retain a CPA or Lawyer to help with the tax questions but it is still the investors decision.

Another reason real estate investing is so popular is the amount of supply of available real estate .  The prices are so good right now that investors are seeing that real estate is the best option for their portfolio.  Most search this country and the world for the best buys.

The supply of real estate is a very important factor also for the future prices of real estate.  The new home builders have not been building new homes in any quantity for 5 years.  This helps the market by lowering the inventory.  We personally like land locked areas were no new housing can be built.  Those areas never compete with the new home prices and their financing.  You still need to watch it though.

So why is it so popular?  In my estimation it is the control of the investment.  You pick it, buy it and make the decision on how you make money on it.  Brett Young Valley Realty

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