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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Controlling your own Personal Economy

Today you hear about the stock markets ups and downs daily. The world news moves the market. Just this week Hewlett-Packard plunged after a 8.8 billion dollar write off. This was all because of some accounting mistakes. How would investors have known that their portfolio would be severely effected because of an accounting error in the company?

That's why Real Estate is such a great investment today.  I just talked to one of my larger foreign clients last Monday to discuss their portfolio.  We went over their cash flow returns in detail.  They Yielded 15% net income this year.  What is the average return for your portfolio in the stock market?

Controlling your own Personal economy is a really hard thing to do when you own stock in publicly owned companies. Try to call the CEO of the Hewlett-Packard to see who made that mistake and why? 

In the cash flow game you make the decisions where to buy and what to pay.  In essence you are the CEO of a your company.  Our company Rooftopinvestment works to service your portfolio.  You can call us and get answers on questions you may have.  We also have a track record that is second to none for quality properties and exceptional returns. 

Our properties on average are $55,000 purchase and rehab and make a great addition to your IRA or retirement fund.  Making double digit net returns is really great for those accounts also.  Not having to worry about world events and accounting errors out of your control simplifies your busy life.

Controlling your own Personal Economy is easier with investment real estate and the returns smash other investment options that are available to you.  So when your looking at investing your hard earned money don't just look at the returns.  Consider the control you have on the decision making with your investment. Investment Real Estate is a solid addition to your portfolio and one you can control. Brett Young Valley Realty

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Winterizing your Real Estate Investments

People often think that when the winter hits that real estate shuts down. This of course in untrue. In fact with all the holidays planned events and people doing fun events and traveling, actually creates opportunities.

You probably wondering what I mean from that?  Investors, Realtors and people in general tend to take November and December off in that states.  That means less buyers and more deals for the savvy investor. Basically they are perfect months to add to your real estate portfolio.

Properties that come on the market are easier to get with less buyers.  We have our agents watching the market all the time for the best deals.  Not 10 months out of the year but all 12 months.  It's very important to our clients and you as an investor to understand there are deals every day in this market.

I've had some my best months on November and December.

Another question would be what about getting the property rented and cash flowing in those two months?  That is also not a problem.  People tend to like to move during those months, because their family is out of school and they have time to move.

You know those people that would rather get something finished over the Holidays that they did not get to during the year.  That includes finding a new place to live. 

Another reason is most property mangers do not run ads in those months.  This is another thing we do not do.  Ads need to run 12 months out of the year.  We have up to 100 appointments weekly with our ads for our homes.  Rooftopinvestment has less than a 3% vacancy rate in our 200+ Property portfolio.

Understanding that the market never stops moving any month of the year gets you more deals. I love Realtors that say it not worth their time it in the winter.  Making money and opportunities for your clients is never a waste of time. They just explained to me and my team that I will have more opportunities(properties)  to choose from.

So winterizing your Real Estate Investment offers more property deals and a better portfolio year around.  Brett Young and Valley Realty

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