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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Apartment conversion plans for May Co.

Investor money continues to pour into the downtown Cleveland area.  Yet another apartment conversion for upscale living quarters.  This conversion will have 353 apartments and will cost $129 million to remodel.  The state has also kicked in 10 million from an historical fund. This helps the housing need in the downtown area.

I found the story in  

Having all this happening is yet another great sign of the growth in the northern Ohio market. Jobs and people are moving to this area to start a new life or to continue their career.  This will mean continued success for real estate owners and investors.  Inventory will continue to decrease and prices will have to go up.

Pressures on the market makes prices go up and that spells profit for real estate owners.  We do have a limited amount of inventory that we can sell you.  So please call Brett 602-363-6551 to reserve a property.

The other important thing to consider is the area that is being remodeled.  We stay in only grade A areas that demand higher rents.  This does two things : 1.  Better quality tenants that tend to stay longer because of the area and schools. 2: Your home has more equity that can later translate into profit for you if you decide to sell your property.

Rooftopinvestment helps you find the property, do the construction and we have a dedicated property management.  This helps you as a real estate investor.  We help take the weight off your shoulders and get you great real estate deals that helps you portfolio out!

So if your wanting to get into the real estate game consider a company that has done over 750 homes and been through all the different ups and downs in the market.  Sign in below to get your free report.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Here is a great Christmas lighting I found on Youtube. Enjoy your Christmas and I hope you get everything you want!

Christmas Eve: Hot Buy

Single Family 4 Bedroom 1  Bathroom Home on .133 acre in Beautiful Euclid, Ohio. This home is in a great area of Euclid. This house features 2 first floor bedroom’s and full bath.  2 large room upstairs.

Property #’s Below:
Purchase Price --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $40,000
Rehab cost -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 18,000
Total Rehab and Purchase -----------------------------------------------------------  $ 58,000

After Expenses Positive Cash Flow
Rent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $ 950
Taxes ---$2000 a year ------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 167
Prop Management ------------------------------------------------------------------------- $  95  
Insurance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $    45
Positive Cash Flow ------------------------------------------------------------------------ $ 643
Return ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------     13 %

Call Brett 602-363-6551 to reserve this property

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Construction in the winter in the Northern Ohio Area

Here's a Christmas Tree in Hudson Ohio

Winter is alive and well in the Cleveland area.  We almost have a 100% guarantee of a white Christmas.  The town I live in Bedford even changes the name of the town to Bedford Falls (It's a wonderful life movie).  It changes the name back after Christmas.

I have had some emails on questions about construction in Cleveland during the winter.  So I thought I would go over what can be done and not done in the winter for construction.

Construction for the exterior in this area remains pretty much the same as summer.  We continue to pour concrete (with Calcium added) and paint the exterior of properties.  We do have to use a special paint that was made for certain temperatures, but it does get done.

We of course have to ensure heat in the homes and make sure that the inside of the property is warm. So that is the first thing we do during the winter. The timeline on completing a property is still 4-6 weeks.

We also have roof's to install and many other outside issues that still get addressed in the winter.  The only thing that you cannot do is asphalt.  The plant is shut done during the winter months and will open usually in march.

So construction in the winter stays pretty much the same as the rest of the year. We are still buying homes and getting them finished and cash flowing!

I wanted to leave you with a story I found of 10 things to do in Northeast Ohio.  I found the story at

Ten things to do in Northeast Ohio: Dec. 13-18 

 Here's the latest installment of our weekly list of coming arts, culture and entertainment events that runs each Thursday and Friday on Read More

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CSU breaks ground on $45 million health sciences building

Right in the heart of downtown Cleveland is Cleveland State University.  It is a division 1 university and is right by the Theater District.  I noticed when driving by there they were building 1000's of town homes.

This story comes from  By SCOTT SUTTELL
2:04 pm, December 9, 2013

" Cleveland State University said it broke ground today on a $45 million health sciences building that's expected to open in June 2015."  Click here to read the rest of the story

Case University and Cleveland State literally 5 minutes. I found a video on Uptown in University Circle.  This was built to get international students and the attract other students/  In fact other states are starting to copy.  They will also be building a phase two of Uptown.  Check out this video I found.

Colleges are an important part of any area.  You must also have all the other amenities in a city that people want also.  Great example would be a smaller city with a college that has very limited nice areas for students and people to do their daily task.

In the Cleveland State and Case University they do have a unlimited areas to go and do their daily tasks.  They have other many areas around them to visit also.

Here is another great example of what you as a real estate investor wants to see in the area you decide to buy in.  Having a great team like Rooftopinvestment behind you to help buy and renovate your new purchase is something else every real estate investor needs. Brett Young

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cleveland Named Among Top "Rising Star" Cities in the World

As you know I write a lot about Cleveland Ohio and it's surrounding areas.  Kelly sent me a story from that talks about Cleveland being a rising star.  The city had 86,000 gogobot (votes) and got 3.5 stars out of 5.  Here is what they really liked about the city.

"Nestled along the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is pulling out all of the stops to return to the glory days of its industrial boom era of the 1870s to 1960s. Although the past recession dealt them a slight setback, the stalwart Clevelanders are determined to prevail. Venture in one of Cleveland's many ethnic neighborhoods such as Little Italy or Slavic Village and you'll find no shortage of delicious restaurants. Stroll down Euclid Avenue, which was known for its prestige and elegance. In the late 1880s, writer Bayard Taylor described it as "the most beautiful street in the world."

The story also talks about international and national tourist making stops in Cleveland in 2014.

Here is a great video I found on Cleveland Tourism.  It goes through places you can visit if you are looking for things to do.'

I talk about this as a real estate investor.  My company always says" buying real estate people want to live in".  Another saying could be great cities people want to see.  

This is a great place to buy quality real estate at affordable prices.  Think about affordable prices.  What does that mean? It means that the real estate must also be in quality areas and in quality neighborhoods.  Real estate is very detailed when I say area and neighborhoods that means where your property will be purchased.

Their are a lot of quality areas to buy, but it is not always in quality neighborhoods.  Every area has an area that demand lower rents and values.  Those are the neighborhoods we stay away from.  

So take a look at Rooftopinvestment and you can look at are homes at Rooftopvideo.  Buying the best real estate available is all we do. Brett Young Rooftopinvestment

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Northeast Ohio companies will be partying heartier this holiday season

I found this story interesting and also showing the continued growth in the Cleveland Ohio area.  The article talks about Cleveland Employers planning Christmas and Holiday parties.  In fact 83% of those polled are planning one.  That's a healthy 10% increase from 2012. I found this story at

 Caterers say they're enjoying a taste of the action revealed in a local survey, which found the percentage of employers in Northeast Ohio planning holiday parties is the highest by far since the survey started asking about such festivities in 2009. Read the whole story

4:30 am, December 1, 2013

Cleveland city living is getting a huge face lift in many older buildings.  The city has many great architectural buildings in the downtown area.  You have to remember the city was founded in 1790.  Here is a list of the ones being remodeled and when they will be completed.

Click here to view this report 

All this means is a sparkling new downtown that will be state of the art.  Cleveland has all the amenities and luxury's a big city needs to attract and keep business's.  That is why I like the Cleveland Real Estate Market and so do my Clients.

I wanted to leave you this week with a great new home we just finished in Solon Ohio.  This home is listed for $400,000.  It is in a great neighborhood and the remodeling we did in this home is exquisitely done.  The interior decorating was done by Lori Young.  Check one of the great places to live in the Cleveland area.  Solon is about 20 min from downtown.

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