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Friday, February 27, 2015

The reason you need to get going now!

We were looking at a Hudson flip deal  Came back and was getting the offer put together called the realtor and send it in bingo it was sold! Properties are going faster than last year and we are changing with the new market.

Getting the best deals in today's market is being there on the first day. Watching and getting the best deals on the market can be challenging sometimes. Getting the right properties can also be challenging. wants to be there on the first day. Kelly and Lori have systems set up to ensure they know the new properties and ones that may come up in the near future. 

Calling Brett and getting set up in our system so we can do these types of great deals make all the difference. Like the Hudson Flip the good ones usually go very quickly.

Brett has been flipping for 15 years and knows what markets you should buy in.  With the market changing into a sellers market the time is now to get going on the Flip Profit Project. Brett Young


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What must be done for a flip to be successful? is always listening to our clients and their needs.  Having the right investment property for them to buy and sell is crucial. We have 2 different program options to choose from. I wanted to go over what we do for our clients.

 A lot of different things are needed to be sure you are successful in your venture.  This is what our professional team provides for our clients on each property.

1. Having a seasoned realtor that understands the flip business

2. Knowing the best place to buy flips and lower days on market areas

3. Knowing the market value and having the equity to ensure your profit

4. Being there for all the inspections needed from each city

5. Knowing the sale price and having the equity to ensure your profit

6. Getting your property done in a reasonable time and on the market asap.

7. Getting Before and After Pictures

8. Getting weekly updates via videos

9. We get your property marketed through MLS and many other sites including You Tube.

10. 10.  Being there for the inspections, Appraisals, getting all your paperwork completed, and attending your closing.

Brett believes it takes a lot of work and know how to do flips successfully. Brett has walked the walk, doing over 300 flips to date and he still doing them .  That's what makes him successful . He is currently has 7 flips going and 5 of them will be on the market in two weeks or less.  He has two properties in escrow. They will both have double digit returns..

Having the right seasoned realtors and contractors is everything in this business.  Sign in below and I will send you a list of homes that we have sold.  You can also go to to see what we have currently.  Call Brett 602-363-6551 ( I live in Ohio just kept my cell phone number).  Brett Young

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Investment Hot Buy in Lakewood Ohio

3 bedroom, 1 bath single family home in Lakewood! Spacious living room, hardwood floors throughout, balcony off of second story bedroom. 1 car detached garage. Strong comps in a quarter mile radius.  

Property #’s Below:
Purchase Price ---------------------------------------------------$ 44,000

Rehab Cost Plus------------------------------------------------- $ 33,000

Total Cost including rehab and purchase-------------------$ 79,000

Approx. Market Value --------------------------------$90,000-100,000

After Expenses Projected Positive Cash Flow $810
Rent -------------------------------------------------------------$1200

Prop Management ------------------------------------------- $    79

Taxes --------------------------------------------------------    $   261

Insurance ------------------------------------------------------ $    50

Positive Cash Flow ------------------------------------------ $   810

ROI -----------------------------------------------------      12%

Call Brett 602-363-6551
(all numbers are approximate and rents are based on history) 


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Monday, February 23, 2015

Coming Soon

There are going to be a lot of great new opportunities coming to With the changing market and changing landscape of real estate marketing Rooftop is looking to grow our influence in the retail sector of the market.

Having introduced the Joint venture flip program in 2014 and it being a great success we have to really concentrate on marketing to the retail market.  Having the realtors and MLS does help but we still need to ensure we are getting the most potential buyers out to our properties.

I have met with some people on the software and other means to create more buyers for our properties.  We will be designing new websites like to help get awareness out on our properties.  Don't misunderstand, we are selling our properties at a good rate and for great profit but we can always be better.  Understanding the market and how the potential buyers search for their real estate is key to getting the most buyers for our clients properties.

In the near future I will be introducing those new means of reaching buyers for our properties.  I will also be showing you how we will be promoting more with our video series.

Being a leading edge company is keeping the edge, there is only one way to do that and that is watch the market and the needs and information the market wants. Brett Young


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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Northeast Ohio retail vacancy rate reaches lowest point since 2007

This story comes from by By STAN BULLARD I really like ths writer.

The vacancy rate in retail is a very important sign on how the local economy is doing. This story talks about retail vacancy rate is at it's lowest since 2007.  Like the raise in prices and sales in the home sales market they are building a lot of new retail spaces and vacancy rates are still dropping.  Here is a great clip from this story.

 “There is back-filling in the market again with new tenants,” Hamulak said. “We've got junior anchors active in the 12,000 to 35,000 square foot range that are taking space, such as Gordmans. We also have several fitness firms that are taking 20,000 square feet of space at a time.”

Even with some stores going out like Radio Shack ( that saddens me) the hit will be very minimal and they trend is still upward.  Retail is a great sign for residential real estate.  It shows the economy is strong and that prices should increase in the very near future.

“In a market of 78 million square feet, the impact of RadioShack, Macy's and other anticipated closings will be minimal. They won't change the momentum,” Hamulak said. “It would take several large-scale announcements to do that.” has changed our strategy at bit to buying more flip real estate.  Although the rental market is still strong we believe with the new lending rules that the sales market will continue to strengthen.  The market is always changing and we watch the trends and understand what needs to be done next.  Brett Young Rooftopinvestment

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Northeast Ohio property sales rise in January

Here is a story form BULLARD that shows the sales in the Northeast Ohio area have climbed 4.7% from last year at this time on residentail and condos are up 3.2% from this time last year.

The other good news is that sold properties are up 8.4% at $310 million up from $286 million a year ago. The prices on the average home went up 2.7% with the increased sales. Having an increase in median price while selling more homes shows that the market is definitely changing and inventory will be tighting up.

As usual is ahead of the curve, we saw the flip market coming back last year and directed our clients to start buying flips.  We believe that this year is a great one to buy and sell real estate.

Our professionals are always in the field looking for new flip opportunities.  We mainly focus on properties that resale for between $150,000 to $325,000.  We believe this is the price point that most buyers are looking for.

The areas that we buy in for those prices are on the low end of that market or in the middle.  We look for real estate that has a lot of equity when we finish rehab.

The days on market in the area is also a factor we like 60 days or less.  I have personally sold over 300+ properties and understand the local markets.

So if you want to get into the Flip game call Brett 602-363-6551 I will take care of you!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Finishing Flip Properties can sometimes be challenging

When your looking at rehabbing a property and getting it on the market there are two things that are very important.  Keeping the property in a reasonable budget.  The next one and the one we are discussing in this blog is finishing.

That is sometimes the hardest part of my job is to finish. Having the right people like I have you can really get the job done right. 

Going out to the properties when you finishing is almost a daily task.  On this property we had ordered a vent for the kitchen we were waiting for and I just had fedx drop it off.  That was a huge concern because that vent was a focal point of the kitchen area.

Also as you will see in the video there were other items to finish enjoy the video.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Learning the different Income Sources

  Being in Real Estate as an investor is a great way to build your wealth. Knowing all the ways to create that wealth through real estate can be challenging if you don't have the right information. Brett Young has been creating income streams with real estate for over 15 years and has been doing real estate investing since 1985. Creating all the different streams of incomes you can make in Real Estate just makes it faster to create your wealth and get out of the rat race.

 Advancedcashflowsystems will teach you how to create those different income streams and help you create a career in real estate. Brett has helped many business's and individuals create more income for their portfolio and business.

Example: A reservation company that a lot of rentals to fill and create more income for there clients. Brett created some new websites and income streams that helped the company to grow 40% for the last two years.

There are always ways to make more money in your real estate business whether your a real estate agent or investor. You just have to have today's knowledge of the market and the different sources of income to do it.

The market is always changing and Brett will teach you how to tap into all the different resources to know the trends. Brett has done over $85,000,000 in real estate transactions though being an agent and a investor. He has seen all the up and down markets and made money in all of them.

Want to get out of the day to day and create a career that will make you real money and real income? Sign in below and start your journey to financial freedom.
Complete the form below to receive more info.

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